Tag: day trips in Sydney

Cockatoo Island

I’m huddled in the shelter attached to the cafe. On a nice day, this place would be packed, tables spilling out onto the grass around, views across the water. Today, though, the tables and chairs are jammed in to fit under the… Read More

Watsons Bay…

Tuesdays Staycation was Watsons Bay & the Gap. Miss T and I have done this jaunt before, but while Mr T and I have spent many a happy afternoon at the Watto Bay pub, he hasn’t done the walk up to the… Read More

Sydney Fish Markets

Every so often I crave prawns. And oysters. Just as they are. No sauce, no frying, no cheesey stuff on top. Just natural. And not just any prawns will do- I need Aussie king prawns. At those times only two possibilities will… Read More

friday five: the staycation five

So, my part time job has finished for now. This means a lot of things- most of which I’ll go into in later posts, but for now it coincides with hubby being off work and the last full week of school holidays…. Read More

nielsen park…and shark beach

I’ve been back in Sydney for just over 20 years- and up until this summer have not been to a Sydney beach. It’s always seemed too hard to get there (we’re in the ‘burbs- and everywhere on the coast is an hour… Read More

Manly- a thousand miles from care…

When I was at Uni and an impoverished student, one of my favourite things to do was take the ferry from Circular Quay across to Manly…and back again. As we left the Quay I’d look at the passenger ships moored at the… Read More