So anyways, I told you that I’d been painting Miss 17’s room? Over the years, this room has had a few coats of paint. When we moved in, back in 1999, it was a pale salmony pink with those wallpaper borders that… Read More

So anyways, I mentioned that I’m looking to change the colour of our hallway, kitchen, TV room. This is a large space- and the space that you walk straight into. My husband loves it the way it is, and sure, it looks… Read More

So anyways, I’ve spent the last few days painting our bedroom. Despite the jokes that I’ve substantially reduced the square meterage of our house with all the coats of paint that I’ve thrown at it over the years, I’ve only painted our… Read More

friday five…

I’ve spent most of this last week painting Miss 14s bedroom. The last time we did this was back at Easter 2006. That time she wanted a hot pink feature wall- the kind of pink that you get in the very middle… Read More