So anyways, my husband said something this morning that filled me with horror: ‘Hey darlin’…I think we need to do a practice pack.’ ‘A what?’ ‘A practice pack.’ ‘But we don’t leave for another two weeks.’ ‘Yes, but we’re packing for winter… Read More

There’s something about a good pop song that can bring tears to your eyes. And no one does the bringing tears to your eyes thing better than Abba. I defy anyone with a heart to listen to that break in Agnetha’s voice… Read More

So anyways, writers get inspiration from the most random of sources. We know that. After all, my inspiration for my latest novel came from an Abba song…more on that later. I have this theory that John Wyndham- the guy who wrote the… Read More

So anyways, I mentioned in the confessional this time last week that I’m not really a conference person. After attending the Romance Writers of Australia Conference over the weekend, I’m re-thinking my position…ok, it’s been re-thought…changed completely, even. I didn’t attend every single panel… Read More

So anyways, I’m off to Melbourne on Friday for the RWA Conference- Romance Writers of Australia. Yep, I’m one of them now- a romance writer. I’m looking forward to it- after all, it’s in Melbourne…of course I’m looking forward to it. I’m… Read More

So anyways, this weeks topic for the confessional link up is rules- the ones you live (or don’t live) by. I don’t like rules. They form boundaries, structures and define responsibilities- all concepts that I struggle with…I also struggle with titles and… Read More

So anyways, I don’t talk much about my partition job- other than to mention those weeks that have been more stressful than others. I don’t even have many details about it on my linked in profile. There’s no ulterior motive in that…. Read More

So anyways, last week I confessed all about my visit to the dreaded doctor- and found her not quite as dreaded as I’d thought. Here comes the next confession- Hubby & I have been told to lose (at least) 20kgs. Naturally, that… Read More

So anyways, this weeks theme for the confessional booth is lies…. I could say that I’m not a great liar, but that would be a lie. I’m very good at those little manipulative, avoidance lies. The lies that you tell by not… Read More

What would you do if…

So yesterday I was chopping limes- for what seemed like hours, but was actually a lot less than that. My sister helpfully suggested that if I had a thermomix, it wouldn’t have taken quite so long. True, but it would have also… Read More