There’s a lot to like about fitbits –or any of those devices that track steps. I should know – I’ve been wearing one for about 4 years – or thereabouts. The case for wearing a fitbit is mostly based around what they… Read More

I don’t do a lot of the bake and take thing – you know, giving of food for Christmas. I do however, usually make a batch of this chilli jam. One jar of it goes to my BMF – he has it… Read More

I love the name. Bang Bang. It sets off that song in my head, I think Cher or Nancy Sinatra sang it…maybe they both did. This dish is nothing like the song. Of course. If you google it, you’ll find a few… Read More

I must confess: July is the new January

It’s confession time. And this week there’s no prompt, so I’m going to talk a little about chaos and control. As a Pisces I escape into chaos- and other things…like daydreams, too much wine, and food that I know doesn’t suit my… Read More

how to make: pork and noodle stir fry

As part of my quest for tummy happiness, I’m back on the anti candida wagon. It’s taken me a few weeks to climb back on, and all of my nasty PCOS type symptoms have come back- as have 2 kilos. This recipe… Read More

functionally fit…

Yesterday I went on a 10km cycle through the villages and vineyards of the Champagne region in France. Just a couple of minutes later I cycled another 10kms through the Loire Valley. It was very scenic- and I didn’t need to leave… Read More

operation tummy fix- an update

I’ve been off the dietary wagon for a few weeks now- since Queenstown. Since Queenstown, I haven’t strayed from my yeast free path. I haven’t even indulged in anything sweet. I have, however, been drinking wine again- every night. Sure there’s been… Read More

friday five…

What I’m loving this week My new handbag by Nancy Bird. I got it in their sale and just love it. The back is the softest orange leather and the inside is the same fabric as the dustbag. I love it. I… Read More

Operation Tummy Fix- Week 1

WTF this yeast free thing seems to be working! Sure I’m just a week into it, but if you knew me, you’d know that a week is a long time for me to last at anything. A week is 7 consecutive days…. Read More

friday 5: making friends with salad…

I’m deep in Operation Tummy Fix…and I’m missing bread- and wine- badly. So, todays friday 5 is how I’m sticking to it…so far… 1. Water I’m drinking lots- all day. That’s a good thing. I’m also drinking sparkling water out of a… Read More