I’m cooking for myself at the moment – and trying to keep it at least a little healthy…especially given the amount I’m eating and drinking on the weekends! Hubby left meals in the freezer for me, but I’ve been trying not to… Read More

We have a new barbecue. It was meant to be our Christmas present to each other last year, but hubby couldn’t decide what he wanted. He’s not great with decisions. Anyways, we got this new barbecue the other week, and we built… Read More

Every culture has one- a dish that makes you feel so good inside, it can’t possibly be wrong. A dish that tastes like it should be good for you, that it should be able to beat anything that ails you into submission…. Read More

So anyways, last night we decided to attempt to recreate the grilled fish extravaganza we had at Tanah Lot the other week…minus the cliffs, the romance, the waves, the bintang and the really bad singers. If you asked my husband, he’d also… Read More

This week has been seriously tough- no extra deadlines, just a whirlwind of chaotic activity in the office and a myriad of tiny issues that together have turned the afternoon commute into a nightmare. What can I say? Suburbia and Sydney traffic…. Read More

I love the name. Bang Bang. It sets off that song in my head, I think Cher or Nancy Sinatra sang it…maybe they both did. This dish is nothing like the song. Of course. If you google it, you’ll find a few… Read More

How to make: Stracciatella…

It was 1989 and the man who would become my husband had taken me out for dinner. It was one of our first dates- the relationship wasn’t so new that we were at that uncomfortable best behaviour stage still, but new enough… Read More

My lime tree floweth over again- or is that overfloweth? Whatever….both versions mean the same thing- we have a lot of limes. And that can mean just one thing- lime week again….and that means- more recipes. First up is this grilled seafood… Read More

How to make: Lime and Sesame Beef Stir-fry

One of the biggest challenges when on the healthy eating bandwagon is enjoying the process. Let’s face it, at the end of a hard day, very few of us flop through the front door,  yelling ‘hi Honey, I’m home…and I’m hanging out… Read More

How to make: White Cut Chicken with Ginger Sesame Wombok Salad

My tummy is not happy. It’s got something to do with the fact that I’ve been away. It’s got more to do with the fact that while away I was drinking beer…a lot of beer…and while I love beer, the yeast is… Read More