I know that officially it’s still August – just – but Spring has unofficially sprung here on the Sunshine Coast. The fruit and veggies that had been missing from the markets over the winter are now beginning to reappear, and we’re eating… Read More

With apologies to my Scottish husband, I’ve long held a belief that the Scots invented whisky to make haggis more palatable – or to make you forget that you’d eaten it. Yes, I know there are plenty of people out there who… Read More

Ok, a disclaimer. I had this post planned and written before this week’s Masterchef mac and cheese challenge – although to me it’s mac cheese and never ever mac and cheese. You see, I have a thing about mac cheese – so… Read More

I’m cooking for myself at the moment – and trying to keep it at least a little healthy…especially given the amount I’m eating and drinking on the weekends! Hubby left meals in the freezer for me, but I’ve been trying not to… Read More

Miss T had her braces (Nusa Dua, as we’d affectionately come to call them: the top row was the price of airfares and the bottom was accommodation) taken off a couple of weeks ago- just in time for her 18th birthday. She’d… Read More

So anyways, I’m trying to cut back a little on my partition hours by taking Fridays off to take care of other business- ie work on my manuscript. To date, I haven’t been hugely successful. Meetings get booked that I need to… Read More

So anyways, the other day I promised you a beef rendang recipe and despite spell checks attempts to turn it into a beef reading or a beef rending recipe, here it is. I remember writing about beef rendang once before in a… Read More

Yes, it’s back. This is the segment where I attempt to replicate, reproduce, make something similar to a dish that we’ve had out or on a take away menu, using the cookbooks in my shelf. This week, I tackled Spirit House’s Coconut… Read More

We have a new barbecue. It was meant to be our Christmas present to each other last year, but hubby couldn’t decide what he wanted. He’s not great with decisions. Anyways, we got this new barbecue the other week, and we built… Read More

I love a good gnocchi, but it can be a tad difficult to get right. Unless you want something with enough rubber to deal with a Sydney highway in a rainstorm, you need to dry the spuds out properly, and not over… Read More