So anyways, I got chatting to the guy selling the milk. He was telling me about the coffee beans that he uses in his breakfast milk. They come from Vanuatu, and have been grown in a collective of local producers organised by… Read More

So anyways, todays Friday Five is a little different. There’s no round-up of the week, no what I’m doing, reading, cooking, writing or watching. It’s an unashamed #foodporn post. It’s a post in five courses…plus drinks…and bread. Now, before I get too… Read More

North Bondi We started at North Bondi Surf Club. It increases the distance of the walk, but you get to walk the length of this beach. The Murals On your way along the beach, check out the murals below the car park…. Read More

How does the saying go? Manly- seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care…or something like that. Anyways, I’ve written about it before…here. To todays Sydney weekender… The Occasion… Miss 17s belated birthday. Her brief- a day out by the beach… Read More

One of the reasons I love to travel in Asia is the street food. When we’re away, we go away with a list of great restaurants manned by well known chefs…and end up at the hawker stall around the corner. It’s not necessarily… Read More

So anyways, out here in the Hills District, there are a lot of garden centres. These days, though, garden centres aren’t just about the plants, or the dirt and mulchy things. They’re also about the cafes. There’s something quite peaceful and outdoorsy… Read More

So anyways, it was Valentines Day lunch, and, old romantics that we are, we’d chosen to spend it with a couple of close friends- who are so newly togethered that they shouldn’t have been spending it with the three of us! It’s… Read More

So anyways, I’m on this mission to discover new places to eat in Sydney. One of my friends has spent the last 12 months in Melbourne, and she had rules around their adventures to ensure they didn’t do the “can’t be faffed… Read More

So anyways, the other day at a friend’s place, I talked about the plan- to try somewhere different for lunch or breakfast on a weekend…and, in the process, explore a little. Some weeks it might be just the 3 of us, sometimes,… Read More

I’m huddled in the shelter attached to the cafe. On a nice day, this place would be packed, tables spilling out onto the grass around, views across the water. Today, though, the tables and chairs are jammed in to fit under the… Read More