I hate February in Sydney. There – I said it. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it’s the hardest one to find anything good to say about it. Except perhaps that March comes next – and that’s one of… Read More

We spent yesterday with one of Grant’s aunts from Scotland. We hadn’t seen her since we stayed with her in Doune back in 1995. I remember the house so well – I remember Max, the mad golden setter even more clearly. He used… Read More

  Because it’s Thursday and I like to link up with the loving’ life crew, I had something scheduled about what fashion looks like at 50. Here’s a #spoileralert – whatever you damn well want it to look like. Then I figured that… Read More

I was flicking through old blog posts the other day looking for inspiration and found this one I’d originally written after Angela Savage posted a (melbourne) quiz on her blog. It was a sort of a homage to the quiz that appeared… Read More

It’s Good Food Month here in Sydney. Aside from other events happening around town, the Night Noodle Markets are on. You’d think that loving Asian food and street food as much as we do, we would have been to this every year…not… Read More

Regular readers will know that I’m booked to do Milford Track in 7 weeks time…7 weeks tomorrow to be exact. Finding the time to train effectively with my schedule has been difficult, but I’m trying to pack as much into the weekends… Read More

It was one of those days…the ones that Sydney does particularly well. The ones when the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the harbour was glistening in a way that could have you thinking that someone up there had scattered a… Read More

So anyways, I’m in the process of weaning myself back to a 4 day partition week. Of late, I’ve having more success with this, but still feel humungously guilty- and a little as if I’m skiving off. Surely, I should be spending… Read More

So anyways, I got chatting to the guy selling the milk. He was telling me about the coffee beans that he uses in his breakfast milk. They come from Vanuatu, and have been grown in a collective of local producers organised by… Read More

So anyways, I toddled off to get my long overdue blood tests results the other day. I felt work early and up I went…and waited…for well over an hour past my scheduled appointment time. At first I got impatient. Listening to everyone… Read More