‘So,’ asked my friend of our driver, ‘what is the speed limit on these roads?’ Sugi was silent. ‘I mean,’ she explained, ‘how fast are you allowed to drive?’ ‘Aaaah,’ he said, ‘I didn’t bother to learn that bit.’ Speed limits, it… Read More

You probably know all about satay. It’s little slices of meat (usually chicken, lamb or beef), marinated in something suitably exotic and spicy, before being threaded onto a skewer and then grilled. It’s served with a peanut sauce that has just the… Read More

The young French couple sitting beside me were newly weds. Not look at us, loved up, sickeningly happy newly weds, just fiddling with the ring a little too often to be used to it newly weds. That, and the quiet happiness that… Read More

This post was originally published over on Jo Tracey Astrology during December 2011. OK, this post comes with a possibly one too many bintangs and just a little too much sun warning…is there such a thing as too many bintangs or too… Read More