So anyways, last time I went to Monkey Forest, I got bitten. For a small bite it required a lot of rabies immunisations when I got home. I told you about that here. It was, however, my own stupid fault- I’d reached… Read More

So anyways, imagine this: a sunset, a lush river valley, a table set for two, a cocktail, and amazing food. All for us. We were at our first stop on a 4 restaurant mystery itinerary with Bali Food Safaris, and about to… Read More

  Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi… Today is Nyepi Day, or the Day of Silence, in Bali. Effectively, it’s Balinese New Year, but as opposed to most other New Years, this one is ushered in with deep silence. In fact, Nyepi, means “to… Read More

So anyways, after lunch (Bali Asli) while hubby was wandering, I got talking to this girl at the table beside us. She was one of those long stemmed, blonde and tanned gazelle like creatures that Southern California seem to specialise in- if… Read More

So anyways, last night we decided to attempt to recreate the grilled fish extravaganza we had at Tanah Lot the other week…minus the cliffs, the romance, the waves, the bintang and the really bad singers. If you asked my husband, he’d also… Read More

So anyways, we got lost again. This time, my third visit to Bali Asli (see this post ), I was prepared with screenprints, directions from Amlapura and phone numbers…just in case… That doesn’t help when your driver has no idea where he is…. Read More

At the base of any great Balinese dish is a good Basa Gede, or Bumbu Bali. Translated literally, Basa means spice or Bumbu, and Gede means Big. And that’s exactly what it does- adds big flavours. We used this one as the… Read More

A common misconception of Balinese food is that it’s spicy as in “hot” spicy. On the whole, it’s not. Generally the heat that you get comes from the sambals that are served with it or the base paste, or Basa Gede or… Read More

I’d like to hazard a guess that the words Oh My God are uttered more in reaction to the sights you see on motorbikes, than the sights you see with spiritual significance. We’ve seen bikes carrying enough balloons to send a small… Read More

At the risk of sounding all ‘been there done that, I’ve been to Bali too’ about all this, I’ve been to Ubud Markets before…as part of the Bumi Bali Cooking Class I did last time I was on the island, and which… Read More