I had a different post to this scheduled for today – a recipe for potato scones; a Christmas tradition in our house. Instead, I’ve decided to spread a little Christmas cheer and talk about Christmas carols. I’ll be honest: with very few… Read More

  I remember the first Christmas tree Mr T and I had. It was for the Christmas of 1989. We’d been together for about 6 months and he’d moved in – or rather, stopped going home. We decorated an indoor “happy” plant… Read More

There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them… We’ve been in Canberra earlier this week for our friend’s funeral – I spoke about that in my wrap-up of last week. My husband has known R since about 1973. She… Read More

  It hasn’t been a great week. Hubby and I spent the weekend in Brisbane doing some Christmas shopping and celebrating the launch of my new novel. Then on Sunday, on our way home, we heard that a very close friend had… Read More

The birds and the sun are waking earlier and the days are getting longer. In a couple of weeks the rest of Australia will be winding their clocks forward for the start of daylight saving and those of us here in Queensland… Read More

There’s a lot to like about fitbits –or any of those devices that track steps. I should know – I’ve been wearing one for about 4 years – or thereabouts. The case for wearing a fitbit is mostly based around what they… Read More

I had more than the usual giggle at Middle Aged Mama’s post last Thursday – the one about where a middle-aged mama can go to dance. I giggled because it was only the previous day that I’d said to one of the… Read More

It’s been a pretty mad time – work and deadlines wise. My presentation for the session I’m doing at Romance Writer’s Conference next month was due on Monday (tick), and I’m working hard to fill in the gaps to get I Want… Read More

For my Kiwi friends, this post contains no spoilers… I love Masterchef – the Australian version, that is – it’s one of the rare reality shows that has a good positive feel to it. As tempting as it would be to play… Read More

So anyways, I’ve discovered bullet journaling. It’s apparently quite a thing at the moment. The friend I lunched with on Sunday is into it. She explained it and I was hooked immediately. In fact, the question isn’t really why I’ve discovered it,… Read More