I’m cooking for myself at the moment – and trying to keep it at least a little healthy…especially given the amount I’m eating and drinking on the weekends! Hubby left meals in the freezer for me, but I’ve been trying not to… Read More

I don’t do a lot of the bake and take thing – you know, giving of food for Christmas. I do however, usually make a batch of this chilli jam. One jar of it goes to my BMF – he has it… Read More

Miss T had her braces (Nusa Dua, as we’d affectionately come to call them: the top row was the price of airfares and the bottom was accommodation) taken off a couple of weeks ago- just in time for her 18th birthday. She’d… Read More

So anyways, I’m trying to cut back a little on my partition hours by taking Fridays off to take care of other business- ie work on my manuscript. To date, I haven’t been hugely successful. Meetings get booked that I need to… Read More

So anyways, the other day I promised you a beef rendang recipe and despite spell checks attempts to turn it into a beef reading or a beef rending recipe, here it is. I remember writing about beef rendang once before in a… Read More

  Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi… Today is Nyepi Day, or the Day of Silence, in Bali. Effectively, it’s Balinese New Year, but as opposed to most other New Years, this one is ushered in with deep silence. In fact, Nyepi, means “to… Read More

So anyways, last night we decided to attempt to recreate the grilled fish extravaganza we had at Tanah Lot the other week…minus the cliffs, the romance, the waves, the bintang and the really bad singers. If you asked my husband, he’d also… Read More

At the base of any great Balinese dish is a good Basa Gede, or Bumbu Bali. Translated literally, Basa means spice or Bumbu, and Gede means Big. And that’s exactly what it does- adds big flavours. We used this one as the… Read More

A common misconception of Balinese food is that it’s spicy as in “hot” spicy. On the whole, it’s not. Generally the heat that you get comes from the sambals that are served with it or the base paste, or Basa Gede or… Read More