how to bake: zucchini slice

Summers past seem different to the summers we have now. They were hotter- or so it seemed. Air conditioning changed all of that. Thankfully. One thing hasn’t changed- those nights that are so warm that despite climate control, the idea of eating… Read More

chilli caramelised pork with apple and mint salad

I posted this recipe over on are your planets keeping you fat? You see, the Moon is in Taurus, and for those few days every month, it’s seriously a case of step away from the fridge. This is a great recipe and… Read More

why I’ll never buy ricotta again…pt 2

So last night we unveiled the feta that we made at the cheese workshop. It went into a greek salad that according to Masterchef rules isn’t really a greek salad, but I call it a greek salad. Apparently it’s the lettuce that… Read More

I’m never buying ricotta again. In fact, I’m never buying quark (cream cheese), mascarpone or yoghurt again either. Well, not once I buy a yoghurt maker anyway. Today hubby and I did a cheese-making workshop. In just one day we learned how… Read More

Belacan (Belachan) is truly foul smelling stuff…when I say foul, I mean, really foul. In fact it’s the sort of smell that seriously you wouldn’t know if it were off or not. Worse than smelly cheese, this doesn’t have the aroma of… Read More

I remember the first time I tried Hainanese Chicken Rice. It was my 25th birthday and I was in Singapore with the man who would become my husband. It wasn’t my first trip to Singapore- that had been a few years earlier,… Read More

just don’t tell the CWA…

Editing is marvellous. It allows you to turn hindsight into present time success. Like on those cooking shows. Every so often the lovingly photographed finished dish looks just a tad different to how it looked before the close-up. Editing. I often wonder… Read More

The plan was simple. No inside cooking. Unless it could be cooked outside- either on the barbecue or in the “camp” fire, we wouldn’t eat it.  How hard could it be? Part of the plan was inspired by pure laziness- if we… Read More

Dinner tonight was in Eze at a local village restaurant- Auberge du Cheval Blanc- White Horse Inn. Seriously? We’ve come all the way to a medieval fortified village perched high above the Riviera like an eagles nest “le Nid d’Aigle” and we’re… Read More

I’m having a friend around for lunch today, so the timer in the photo is for the apple and sour cream slice that I just popped in the oven. We are also having cauliflower soup with fresh sourdough for dunking. A good… Read More