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Friday Five: A Weekend in Wellington

I spent last weekend in Wellington, New Zealand, visiting with a close girlfriend. It was exactly what I needed. I also, for the first time in months and months, did not type a word. No blogs, no manuscripts, no emails, no notes…nothing…. Read More

Wellington: the Beaches…

Have you ever noticed when you visit somewhere not particularly known for their good weather that people say things to you like ‘Yeah, nah, it’s not good today- you should have been here yesterday…it was great then!’ It’s like when we were… Read More

Whitebait, Wellington…and something about memorable oysters

I’ve enjoyed a few memorable oyster moments. The first was on a road trip with the man who would become my husband. It was also the first oyster I’d eaten that wasn’t from a tin and that didn’t get eaten on a jatz… Read More

Wellington- the Street Art

So anyways, I can’t complete a series of posts on a city without including some street art…  

Wellington: The Museum Hotel

Why stay here? The Art It’s called an Art Hotel for a reason….It starts outside… continues in the lobby… and is in every other nook and cranny… It’s  everywhere… The Lobby I like a lobby with a little glitz and glamour, but… Read More

Wellington, a sunny Sunday…just wow…

Forget the shops. On a sunny Spring Sunday (don’t try and say that too many times in a row) in Wellington, the only place to be is by the water. Here’s why: Wellington Writers Walk There are 23 quotes to find…here are… Read More

Good Morning from Wellington…Wow…

Good morning from Wellington…. Ok, it’s actually good morning from Sydney, but these are a few shots from a good morning in Wellington walk along the harbour front just a week or so ago.  

Road Trip Pt 1: Wellington to Picton

The first leg of our mini road trip is Wellington to Nelson. We’ll be doing the Wellington-Picton leg by sea, and Picton to Wellington by way of little red rental- and my friend’s driving. The Crossing. I’ve pushed myself hard into the… Read More

Wellington: the food

Excuse me a moment while I indulge in a memorable oyster moment. In front of me are six of the plumpest, creamiest, tasting of the sea-iest oysters I’ve had since a Bluff Oyster moment in Queenstown. In fact, these ones could possible… Read More

friday five: five things I love about Wellington

Tomorrow, when this is due to go to press, I’ll be on a plane on my way to Wellington, New Zealand. I’m there for a few days to help a very special friend celebrate a very special birthday. Despite the miles, she’s… Read More