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I love Queenstown. Absolutely adore it. It’s why Happy Ever After is the 2nd of my books to feature it as a location – Wish You Were Here was the first. Anyways, these are some of the locations in Queenstown and surrounds… Read More

Q is for Queenstown and R is for Routeburn Track

Yes folks, I’m cheating. I’m also heading off to Queenstown to walk the Routeburn Track in just three weeks. Can you tell that I’m excited? As the result of an inconvenient calf tear, my training has been far less than perfect, but… Read More

That’s a Wrap – November 18, 2018

What I’m proud of… Happy Ever After is out now and available on Amazon. Hubby and I had a few drinks last night to celebrate. If I can get my act into gear it will also be available on print in a… Read More

Back to the future

If you’ve been signed up to receive posts from this site you will have noticed nothing but tumbleweeds for over a year – but things are changing… Yes, we’ve been here before. Back in September – or was it October? – last… Read More

Who is the Hungry Writer?

Joanne Tracey lives on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland with her husband, daughter and cocker spaniel. She likes walking the beach, baking, travelling; and photographing her beach walks, baking and travels for Instagram. So this doesn’t sound too much like… Read More

I’m up for the challenge…

I’m pleased to say that I’m officially back in a walking routine. My body (and my spirit) was so broken after completing Milford Track at the end of November that not only did I vow never ever ever to climb another mountain,… Read More

Open For Inspection…

  We’ve got our first open for inspection this afternoon. This, of course, means that the surfaces are cleaner than they’ve ever been, and rooms are cleaner than they’ve ever been, and even the insides of cupboards are cleaner than they’ve ever… Read More

2017: The Resolutions

I’m partial to a new start, and of all the new starts, a new year is the biggest. It’s oh so shiny and clean. And full of possibility – which, just saying, is possibly (get it?) my favourite word in life. It’s… Read More

2016: The Report Card…

I’m not great with endings, but man, am I going to be glad to see the end of this year. I’ll be waving it goodbye and good riddance with way more than the usual amount of enthusiasm. Because we had a fair… Read More

Remarkable Eats…

I’ve posted about Queenstown’s food scene before – here and here. But that was then and this is now – so we’re due an update. Fergburger is still a ‘thing’. The queues are there all day, and on a fine evening, hordes… Read More