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The Spirit House Cooking School – Essential Thai

I’ve also posted this piece over on my Sunshine Coast blog – Navigator.  The Spirit House. It’s my favourite restaurant here on the Sunshine Coast – I’ve told you about it before here, here and here. I’ve even gone as far as saying that if I… Read More

Spirit House…again…

I’ve often said that if I was to ever get married again (obviously to Mr T…) I’d want to do it here- at Spirit House. It’s possibly my favourite place to eat. Sure, I’ve been to posher restaurants with more complex menus,… Read More

Spirit House…

So anyways, I’ve written before about Spirit House. I’ve written even more times about Spirit House recipes. I love the place- I’ve told you that before too- which is why we’ve booked in every time we’ve been on the Coast over the last… Read More

spirit house

Every so often one visits a restaurant that is truly spiritual, magical and all those other words with an “al” suffix. Even less often is the food served there is sufficiently inspirational to live up to the promise of its surrounds. Spirit… Read More

June – in a sentence a day…

Another day, another linky. This one is sentence a day – and thanks to my new can’t live without journal thingy, it was a breeze to put together. 1.This is what winter looks like – all blue and sparkly. 2. Maleny Show… Read More

It’s a Wrap…

Another weirdly all over the place week characterised by public holidays and rain – not necessarily in that order – plus some more schedule disrupting stuff from south of the border. Anyways, let’s wrap the week up… What I missed… Sunrises for… Read More

It’s a Wrap…

Another week where the schedule I’d set for myself fell to pieces – as did I (briefly) on Friday. I have no idea whether it was that the week went so far away from what I’d planned, whether it was because the… Read More

It’s a Wrap…Bangkok

Thanks to my little bout of whatever it was (I still blame the spring roll, but hubby thinks my symptoms were more like that of a migraine) we didn’t get out and about too much in Bangkok this trip – well, certainly… Read More

Lime Week: The Best Bits

So anyways, my family isn’t big on warm vegetable salads. Miss 17 turns her nose up at the slightest mention of zucchini or eggplant. When I announced we were having a warm salad to go with our barbecued steak as the first… Read More

Cooking the Menu

Yes, it’s back. This is the segment where I attempt to replicate, reproduce, make something similar to a dish that we’ve had out or on a take away menu, using the cookbooks in my shelf. This week, I tackled Spirit House’s Coconut… Read More