2022 – The Year in Books

Grab a cup of tea and settle down for the annual year in books review – we could be here a while.

Alrighty, 2022 in books. It was a year with mostly hits and just a few disappointments. 

According to Goodreads, last year I read 96 books. That’s them below with the most recently read on top. I’ve included a few cookbooks that I read from cover to cover for the stories.

Some I’ve listened to as audiobooks, some were paperbacks from the library, some I read on my kindle or iPad, and some were purchased.

Any new series?


  • Julia Chapman’s Dales Detective series
  • S.J. Bennett’s Queen Elizabeth mysteries

Additions to favourite series?

  • The Twist of a Knife  – by Anthony Horowitz
  • The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman
  • A new Phryne Fisher, Murder in Williamstown, by Kerry Greenwood

Series I missed this year?

Nope. All good, although I am yet to read the latest Rebus by Ian Rankin.

Revisiting the classics…

2022 was very much about the classics as our book club read our way through Jane Austen’s novels:

  • Persuasion
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Mansfield Park
  • Northanger Abbey
  • Emma

I also read Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

Thanks for the recommendation…

I rely on my book blogger friend Debbish for additions to my to-be-read pile, and she certainly didn’t let me down in 2022. Special thanks for book recommendations also to my stunning fellow book club members and thanks also to everyone who has linked up or contributed through comments in What’s On Your Bookshelf. You’ve all contributed in some way to my TBR pile.

Any books adapted into a movie?

Yes – plenty by Jane Austen, but also PD James’s Death Comes To Pemberley, and John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas which was made as Christmas With The Kranks. As an aside, despite popular opinion to the contrary I very much enjoyed the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion.


Over the last couple of years, I’ve been reading more non-fiction than I had previously. This year was no different. My aim was to read 12 non-fiction books and I nailed that.

Food memoir was covered with Felicity Cloake’s Red Sauce Brown Sauce; while Jack Whitehall’s How To Survive Family Holidays, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat both made me giggle. (And yes, I’m well aware of the controversy re Clarkson but I read this early in the year and am not going to be all revisionist about it.)

Thanks to Dr. Michael Mosley and Kate Humble I also read about how tiny habits can transform your life and the choice to live more simply. I read about how Bronte and Austen can change your life, England in the time of Jane Austen, and some more about Jane Austen’s life. I also learnt about the history of Christmas, the curious history of London, London pubs, and the highest pub in England.

Craft books read?


Any business books?

Unfortunately yes, for the day job – Multipliers by Liz Wiseman.

What about cookbooks?

Of course… This year I borrowed some from the library, but others found their way quite accidentally into my virtual shopping cart. Sarah and Adventure Spaniel each bought me cookbooks for my birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. There were too many to mention on this list.

The two books I cooked most from in 2022, however, were:

Both are excellent for mid-week inspiration – so good that I bought Sarah copies of them for Christmas…and only partly so there’s a copy in Hervey Bay for when I’m staying up there with her.

The one that I enjoyed reading the most, however, was The Year of Miracles by Ella Risbridger.

It’s a story about loss, love, grief, love, and finding pleasure and joy in little moments. A beautiful story and a fitting sequel to Midnight Chicken.

Festive Reads

As always I read only festive-themed books in December. To be honest, this year there were a couple of misses with one book coming this close to being a did not finish (A Christmas Cracker, by Trisha Ashley). Unless there are a lot of new offerings I suspect I’ll struggle a tad next year…

One book that isn’t on the above list, but that I did read was Christmas at Mannus Ridge, by me… coming next year…

2023 Book-related resolutions?

I actually intend to read less this year – and write more, although I said that last year too.

I have books on my bookshelf – both physical and virtual – that are crying out for attention and yet last year (and the year before and the year before that and…you get the idea) spent the equivalent of a very good holiday on books. I intend to work my way through some of these this year. And yes, I said all of this last year too! 

Stand-out reads?

In order of the month I read them, here are my favourite reads. Some months it was tough keeping it to just one…so I didn’t.

Your turn…

DebDonnaSue and I would love you to share what you’ve been reading…the linky is below.

Dates for the Diary:

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20 thoughts

  1. Hi Jo, what a great recap of your reading for 2022 and some books I’ve read but many others I haven’t. I’m joining the 52 Book Club challenge which has 52 prompts to follow. It will encourage me to genre hop which I don’t normally do. Thanks for being a great co-host and inspiring me with your writing. I think it’s going to be a great year for reading and #WOYBS. Happing Reading! xx

    1. I’m going to check out those prompts – I need a little genre hopping in my life. Thanks for the inspiration.

      1. I’m doing a 52 week book challenge too! I tend to do one every couple of years and it really does help me read a much wider variety of books than I’d otherwise pick.

  2. Hi, Jo – I greatly enjoyed reading about your Year In Books. We have read 11 of the same books this year (which since we are in a book club together makes good sense)! 😀 I haven’t yet read any that you identified as your favourites. I will definitely need to rectify that.
    I greatly look forward to reading Christmas at Mannus Ridge.

  3. Hi Jo, I’ve added a few books from your books read. There are some really interesting titles there. I haven’t gotten around to reading the Richard Osman books but I’m keen. My reading intentions are similar to yours. I’ve set my reading goal at less books than last year. I also plan to work through the unread books on my bookshelf. It’s great to have #whatsonyourbookshelf back for another year.

  4. What a great round up. There are so many books here I haven’t read. I’m also reading more non-fiction, and wanting to do more writing. We need more hours in the day!

  5. What a comprehensive summary of your year of reading Jo! I’ve read quite a few of these as well but many I haven’t. I really must remember to get the latest Horowitz to read as I enjoyed the others. Thanks for recommending such great series as the Queen Investigates and Julia Chapman’s Dales series, they’ve been really entertaining. Love having you as a co-host as you always have great taste. Can’t wait to read your Christmas at Mannus Ridge 🙂

  6. I’m in awe of your reading list, plus completing writing your own books, plus having a day job. I don’t know how you squeeze it all in. Great recap of your year

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of books! And, I haven’t read the vast majority of them so I appreciate the tips!

    I just finished a recently published book, Kaleidoscope, by Cecily Wong, and loved it. If you haven’t read Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan, you might want to save it for a Christmas read. It’s less than 100 pages and not about Christmas, but set in Ireland at that time of year. Both had beautiful writing.

  8. An extensive and diverse reading list! Weird as it sounds, I’m most intrigued by the 2 cookbooks, because the weeknight dinner grind is driving me nuts.

    1. Recipe Tin Eats has an amazing website that I’ve cooked so many midweek meals from. And Every Night of the Week has a great Instagram with recipe ideas too…

  9. Always enjoy book review posts. And because I first judge a book by its cover, and many of these have attractive covers, I am going to pin them and check them out. Thank you for the suggestions.

    I just finished So Long, Chester Wheeler and really enjoyed it. Reading Winter Garden now. It is a good story but the first half of the book has been spent describing two characters. At 62% in, I am just getting down to the story.

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