High Tea in the Hinterland

Tiffany’s at Maleny is mostly known as a wedding venue. With a little chapel and an amazing view of the Glasshouse Mountains, it’s highly sought after. Now, though, they also do high teas – and, as you know, I am rather partial to a scone…and a scone with a view.

According to Instagram, the view from the chapel is like this on a good day:

On the day we were there, though, it was pelting down so the view was more like this:

Still beautiful, but no sign of the Glasshouse Mountains. No matter, we were there for the tea.

The tables were laid beautifully – always a promising start – and while I’m a vintage china girl, these cups were very pretty indeed.

As for the tea? I’ll let the photos tell the story. To be honest, I’m not a massive fan of the petit fours – those elegant little sweet treats – but is you did have more of a sweet tooth than I do, you’d be overjoyed by these.

The finger sandwiches and savoury treats were, however, absolutely up my alley.

The scones were tiny and perfect – although possibly too tiny. I could have ditched the sweet things and had a plate of these.

cream and jam – or jam and cream?

If you want more info or would like to book, you can find out all about it here.

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  1. Loved the view, loved the ‘atmosphere’ and loved the jam on that scone! Give me a good scone with jam and cream any day. Glad you got to enjoy the ambiance.

  2. Wow that view would be amazing on a good day! What a shame it was raining but I would have dug in enjoyed the high tea regardless. I’m a fan of scones too! Delicious post Jo 🙂

    1. The view is normally fabulous up there. It’s a really lovely part of the hinterland.

  3. I guess it isn’t the kind of place where you can suggest a swap? Overdone on the sweets for sure. Beautiful setting, fantastic dinnerware – an all-around girly place! Sign me up!

    1. Sadly no. It truly annoys me how you can’t just order a Devonshire tea at these places ie the scones, jam and cream. But yes, very girlie indeed… although my husband did enjoy it.

  4. That view is amazing! Too bad it was foggy the day you were there; it reminds me of our last trip to the White Mountains where we had an amazing hotel with a view and it was foggy just about the entire long weekend. I still love how they look in the misty fog though.

  5. Wonderful post! I love going out for high tea and I’m with you about the savoury vs sweet options. Lots of savoury with one or two sweet items as finishers is perfect for me! Thanks for joining us, Jo 💕


  6. Hi, Jo – Everything in your photos here look absolutely delicious to me – including the petit fours. A friend on mine have been discussing doing a High Tea Tour of Vancouver Island. You have just helped moved this up higher on my Bucket List!

    1. It’s such a treat. Next month we’re booked in to do a mystery picnic in the same area – where you follow the clues to collect your picnic fare.

  7. Wow – your High Tea looks amazing with a good platter of food! I will have to check Tiffany’s out when I’m next on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks for sharing

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