12 Bakes of Christmas – Day 4, Christmas Cake

Christmas cake – yes or no? I’ve always been in the no camp, but my husband loves it and I like baking it. The smell is, to me, one of the first real indicators that Christmas is on the way.

Over the last few years I have to admit to enjoying a small piece much more than I ever used to – perhaps my taste is changing?

In any case the recipe I bake year after year is Delia Smith’s. You’ll find it here.

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  1. When I read the heading for today’s recipe – “Christmas Cake” I wondered if it would be similar to Fruit Cake here in the US. I believe it is! I’ve seen treacle in other recipes but I’m not sure we can buy it in the US and I know that I do not say it correctly! I’m enjoying the “bakes of Christmas”!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I’m loving writing them each day. It is the same as your fruit cake. Treacle is thick and dark, one step lighter than molasses and one step darker than golden syrup. I’m pretty sure you can get it over there – Lyle’s would probably be the most popular brand, I’d say.

  2. I don’t mind a slice of Christmas cake but have never made one. I do have a great recipe from a friend that uses a bottle of Pimm’s, so might give it a try one day! Your cake looks lovely and rich Jo.

  3. This sort of Christmas cake is not popular here in the states; I only knew about them through Great British Baking Show.

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