October – in a sentence a day…

I know we’re a week into November, but here’s the October wrap-up – in one (or more) sentences a day.

1.Rain, thunderstorms, haircut and book club. And I baked the best apple pie I’ve ever baked.

2. Saturday and a drive up to Hervey Bay. Grant and Sarah went shopping for white goods and furniture for the new townhouse while Kali and I read a book.

Lunch at The Deck. 

The Deck

3. First pool swim of the year – water still freezing. NRL grand final.

4. Public Holiday Monday, another super-hot day, Giddy Geisha for lunch.

Giddy Geisha

5. Busy day in the office. Something is eating my lettuce – possums perhaps?

6. The lettuce thief is a grasshopper the size of my hand. Couldn’t catch it so I’ve sprayed my lettuce with garlic water and rigged up netting over most of it. Fingers crossed. Made lemon ricotta cake.

7. The usual Thursday chaos in the day job. That’s all.

8. Cleaned the house from top to bottom. Mixed up bread and vanilla ice cream for tomorrow.

9. Saturday so Yandina Markets, chiro. Friends over for dinner – fed them beef and beer stew, homemade bread, little chocolate pots and homemade vanilla ice cream.

10. Wrote, read, caught up on research for the antique cosy I’m beginning in November ie watched a few episodes of Antiques Roadtrip.

11. Beautiful sunrise, other than that it was Monday being Monday.

12. Day off work to drive to Hervey Bay to tick all the legal boxes for the purchase. Drove through the scariest storm on the highway home. Glad Grant was the one behind the wheel.

13. Day started with the power out in the Melbourne site and the day job day pretty much went downhill from there.

14. More rain, 2nd covid jab, book club.

15. Stormy morning, made peanut butter jam drops. Sarah home this evening – so many storm cells she had to take shelter a few times off the highway.

16. IKEA this morning, then Grant and I spent the night at Clovelly Estate – an early birthday treat for him. Dinner at Long Apron.

17. Home from Spicers, lunch at our fave Thai for larb gai. Spent the afternoon building bookcases and reorganising my office.

18. Monday, that’s all. Purchase of Hervey Bay townhouse settled (ie completed).

19. Stupid busy day.

20. Finally a decent word count for the first time this month really, and possibly helped by it being the first scheduled day off this month where I haven’t had to take work calls. Made baked pear salad and sausages with lentils and butter beans for dinner. Ugly food but very yummy. Note to self – write up the recipe.

21. Usual busy Thursday but on holidays for a whole week from today to help move Sarah into the new townhouse.

22. Hairdressers – then came home and worked. Sarah home this evening.

23. The usual Saturday morning farmer’s markets. Early birthday lunch for Grant with friends at See Restaurant in Mooloolaba.

24. Hot day. Sarah back to Hervey Bay. Caught up with a colleague up here on holiday. IKEA again for another bookcase.

25. Officially on holidays but worked again. Delivery of Jo Loves candles.

26. Grant’s 60th birthday. Drove to Hervey Bay. First load of stuff from the old place. Lunch at Hervey Bay General Store, birthday dinner at Café Balaena. Such a hot day. The air bnb we booked is perfect for dogs.

Hervey Bay General Store

27. Another hot day with more boxes. Delivery of white goods to new place and drinks with Deb at Enzo’s. Kali got all the attention.

28. Even hotter than yesterday for moving day and flatpack furniture hell.

29. Book club, more flatpacks and my back is killing me. The house is coming together though and looking great.

30. Saturday brekky at Hervey Bay General Store before heading back to the Sunny Coast.

31. Completely exhausted today. Made kedgeree for brekky from last night’s leftover salmon. Also made soul cakes for Halloween. Hey ho.

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  1. Hi Jo what a fabulous October. I think that is the best apple pie I have ever seen! So glad that Sarah is settled into her new home and of course the flatpacks are made to test our patience for sure. Have a beautiful November,my friend. Christmas is on the way!

  2. I always enjoy catching up with you through your well-chosen words and lovely photos. Enjoy seeing the world through your wine glasses. Had to look up ‘white goods’ in the dictionary. Thought it might be linens and bedding. Was surprised to learn they are appliances and electronics. Those storm clouds were very intimidating. I would have been terrified to drive. Drove at the night for the first time in many moons and had a death grip on the steering wheel.

  3. Jo, I love your one-liner approach to a monthly recap. My, you have been busy. The food pics had me salivating, especially that apple pie. I too assumed ‘white goods’ were bedding and linens. Now that I know differently, I am doubly impressed with your efforts to help Sarah get established in her new home. Congrats on a productive October!

  4. Jo, You’ve been busy and productive. Happy belated birthday to Grant and congratulations to Sarah on her new home! I’m imprssed you had time and energy to bake, cook and entertain. I think Kali had the best idea and looked relaxed in all of your photos. I hope you have a great week ahead. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

  5. I think I enjoy your photos as much as your sentences Jo – when I see them all together in running order it’s like a reminder of all the little FB snippets from the month that’s gone.

  6. Wow! It looks like you were so busy and so productive! Your pictures are beautiful. 🙂 And your doggy is too cute. Great food, a storm, book club, a few good drinks, and that adorable puppers! It sounds so lovely!

  7. All your beachy/ oceanside photos make me want to take off on a little trip and your food photos look fabulous! What a busy month you’ve had.

  8. I LOVED all your photos and your updates. Now I’m hungry and want to come visit each of those restaurant spots. Lol! Your pie looks amazing as well.

  9. Busy & delicious month you’ve had! Hurray for the apple pie (and all the other deliciousness you’ve made & had).
    Happy birthday to Grant!

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