October Squares – Singapore Orchids

I’ve always had a thing for Singapore – and Singapore orchids. Our first overseas trip together was to Singapore way back in 1992. I recall how the scent in the air hit me (as did the humidity) the minute we stepped out of the airport terminal.

That trip Grant bought me a pendant with an orchid on it – one of the ones they sell in the tourist shops. While I haven’t worn it in well over 20 years, I still have it.

When it came to our wedding day I wore Singapore orchids in my hair and we also had them on the wedding cake. It was, therefore, a no brainer that although we’d visited Singapore a few times in the intervening years, we’d spend our 25th wedding anniversary there and re-visit the National Orchid Garden.

These pics are just a few from that day in 2019.

I’m joining in with Becky B’s square challenge again this month. This month we can choose from past square themes and I’m filling my posts with some of my favourite flower pics. These ones are for Day 11through to Day 15. You’ll find Becky’s most recent pic here.

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  1. Jo, these photos are National Geographic worthy. Or worthy of some kind of slick botany or gardening publication. Such crystal clear images. And what beautiful flowers. My sweet mama has been able to grow orchids very well in her little retirement apartments, probably because she forgets to mess with them/water them. I overwater mine and promptly kill them. My daughter has a house full of these gorgeous flowers. So the ability to grow them seems to have skipped a generation!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a thrill to read about your journey with orchids, the Orchid Garden, your wedding crown, your 25th anniversary … as in my neighbourhood! Another visit soon?

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