Sentence a Day – August

Okay, it’s been a while since I did a monthly round-up, but there you go.

In summary, the month was messy in the day job – and that tended to overflow into my scheduled days off from the day job and (therefore) into my writing days and (in some cases) the weekend. It is, I suppose, what it is, but my writing schedule (and output) has absolutely suffered.

The month began with Sydney in week 6(?) of lockdown, and a snap week-long lockdown for us in Southeast Queensland – a lockdown I accidentally escaped by virtue of being further north in Hervey Bay at the time it was called.

Catching up with the word count – late afternoon in hervey Bay.

Thankfully the Queensland lockdown was short and sharp, but sadly, the same can’t be said for Victoria and NSW.

Some really bright spots – whale-watching in Hervey Bay, some lovely time spent with my daughter, and a planning session for a new and exciting (secret) writing project with my friend Debbish.

I also re-launched Project Excess Baggage and the new monthly feast of all things bookish with my book club. I’m also now well entrenched in twice-weekly (before work) virtual strength workouts with my simply stunning training buddies and loving it more than I’ve ever enjoyed resistance workouts in the past. Adventure Spaniel snores through it.

On the kitchen front, because I was away from home for a couple of weeks there was very little baking done. I did, however, try a number of new to me recipes over the month. Where possible I’ve popped links in.

It was also a great month for sunrises – the colour has been amazing.

Okay, without further ado, let’s wrap up August – in a sentence (or two) a day.

1. Sunday. Snap lockdown called in SE Queensland yesterday from 4pm. Rather than go home I chose to stay up here with Sarah – knowing I can’t get home until lockdown is done. Feeling guilty because of no masks and no lockdowns here. Whale watching – just awesome.

2. Really warm morning. Lockdown extended to Sunday.

3. Bookclub. Yay!

4. Yummo salad from Hervey Bay General Store for a working lunch. After work sunset cruise with Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours. Made Diana Henry’s salmon with crushed potatoes and bacon and spring onion dressing.

5. Newcastle and Hunter Valley are in lockdown.

6. Made this mushrooms with vegemite and cream cheese on toast for brekky. Sounds weird, but super yum. Victoria back in lockdown. Planning session with Debbish. Batch cooked butter chicken for Sarah’s freezer. Dinner out at Banksia Seafood.

7. Another awesome whale watching adventure.

8. Cairns in lockdown, Sunday lunch at Enzo’s, lockdown ends in SE Queensland from 4pm. Made James Martin’s gnocchi and meatballs.

9. Sarah got her first vaccination – felt like she’d been hit by a truck. Fitness test. Cold and rainy afternoon.

10. Byron district into lockdown. Made Marion’s Air-Fryer Lemon Chicken.

11. Picked up Sarah’s new car. Lunch at Hervey Bay General Store. Made Adam Liaw’s Pork Belly with Spring Onion.

12. Canberra in lockdown. Finished my virtual walk from Lands End to John O’Groats.

13. Made the decision to cancel the October holiday to Sydney and Queenstown. Thankfully AirNZ put the flights into credit and we got our money back on everything else. Dinner at The Dock.

14. Home from Hervey Bay. Chiro appointment (much needed) and lunch at Little Red Dumpling (also needed). All of NSW in lockdown.

15. Sarah back to Hervey Bay. Sunday walk by the lake.

Virtual drinks with Wellington bestie who was in MIQ in Auckland. Made Bakewell Slice.

16. Absolutely appalling news coming out of Afghanistan. Northern Territory in lockdown.

17. New Zealand into lockdown.

18. Overnight rain and manky day. Made these spicy lamb shanks for tomorrow night and this chicken chasseur for tonight.

19. Bookclub. Grant got his first vaccination – and thankfully had no reaction. The lamb shank noodle soup was slurpily delicious – even though the photo is crap.

20. Yay to getting some writing done. NSW tightened restrictions.

21. Regional Victoria is back in lockdown. Dinner at T & A’s at Cooroy. Loved the fire.

22. Grant to Hervey Bay – he’s working up there for the week. Made red onion and cheese scones and sweet potato soup.

23. Awake at 3am worrying about work. Made this tomato and red capsicum salad.

24. Dreary morning, busy day job day. Dropped my phone and smashed the screen.

25. Copy edit for The Little Café By The Lake back from my editor.

26. Breathtaking sunrise. Awful awful day in the day job office.

27. Cold morning, hairdressers, book club, made Nigella’s no-knead bread for baking tomorrow morning. Poached chicken salad with a yoghurt and buttermilk dressing – which looked weird but tasted okay.

28. Even though it’s Saturday, due to a problem in Sydney worked most of the day. Grant home from Hervey Bay. The bread was a triumph.

29. More day job calls again today. Sunday lunch at Palmwoods Hotel. Virtual drinks with Sydney friends in lockdown.

30. Busy day in the day job after the weekend’s shenanigans. Sydney cases over 1200 today.

31. Another ridiculously busy day at work and feeling brain drained. Made Adam Liaw’s San Choy Bow.

Okay, that was my month – what were your highlights?

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  1. Hi Jo, I do love a Sentence A Day. There were so many highlights in the month for you, that I’m slightly envious here in lockdown regional Vic. That bread looks amazing, especially simply spread with butter and jam. Yum!

    1. To be honest I’ve felt a tad guilty, but then have reminded myself that we’re just a couple of cases away from another snap lockdown too. Here’s to September and spring.

    1. Hello there! The vegemite with mushies sounds weird but is so good. Ups those umami flavours. Fingers crossed you guys are out of lockdown soon.

  2. How nice to follow your life like this! The picture with the laptop and glass of wine looks so relaxing! And the whale watching… awesome! We were planning to go whale watching before the pandemic, maybe we can do it next summer. There are trips from a little town very close to us.

    1. The whales are so awe inspiring. The whale season is in the winter here as they migrate up the east coast to the barrier reef & then make their way back home to Antarctica. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. A sentence a day is such a good idea! Unhappy about the Canberra lockdown, obviously, as I moved back to Canberra less than a week before being locked down. Either way, Hervey Bay is amazing and I am jealous you get to spend time there – we loved going for a walk up the pier. Some excellent food was had in August, I especially love the look of that Nigella bread! Must give it a go.

    1. You have to try the Nigella bread – it’s really great…and yes, I’m fortunate I get to spend time at the Bay.

  4. Hi Jo. This was another fun read and glimpse of your side of the world during a very weird time. You made me finally look up Vegimite and now I want to give it a try. Somehow I missed that you were still working and having crazy work days yourself.My work can be nuts as a normal part of the job but my responsibilities have not been nuts (thankfully) and my manager fully understands my being sick and expects nothing of me until I recover. So kudos to him and others who are covering for me.. Not being tensed up over things is helping me rest without fretting.
    Your photos are so tempting, they are keeping my appetite alive when I don’t have much of one.

    1. Yep, I have a day job, but work completely from home – my job is in Sydney 1000kms away. Vegemite can be an acquired taste, but if you like that umami hit, it’s great. Us Aussies were brought up on it. Here’s to your quick recovery – and the recovery of your taste buds.

  5. I loved the whale photos and read that post,I especially appreciated it because I just finished reading a whaling story, that I will write about in the #Whatsonmybookshelf challenge for September. I kept stopping in the middle of reading, to check the links. Not sure my daily life is so interesting, but might try the Sentence a Day format as a challenge to myself for next month! Re-following you and updating my profile so I don’t miss anything. Best and blessings, Michele p.s. The Bakewell Slice looks interesting, is there a recipe in your site for that?

    1. Thanks Michelle. I used to do one of these each month but fell out of the habit. It’s a really good way of seeing a month with perspective – how it goes up and down, interesting and business as usual. I’ll post the Bakewell Slice later today…

    1. Thanks Donna. It’s straight out of my journal. I try and write 3 sentences a day in that – regardless of whether it’s been a crappy day or not.

  6. Jo, I love your stunning photos, especially the whales, the pier and sunrise. I read about the lockdown in various states in Australia and the case numbers in each state, mostly in NSW and Victoria. I hope things improve as more and more people get vaccinated. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

    1. At the moment it feels as though we’re all in different countries with borders closed. We know that here in Queensland the virus is likely to get across the border despite it being closed – it’s just a matter of when.

  7. Loved reading through your month Jo! Your sunrise photos continue to delight me and you capture them beautifully! Good news on many fronts for you. You continue to inspire me with all you get done. Can’t wait for your new book 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’m so lucky to have avoided SE Queensland’s lockdown – it was done by the time I was back from Hervey Bay. I truly feel for the southern states. Have a great week.

  8. What amazing sunrise photos! Those colors are fabulous. Looks like it was a delicious month and sounds like it was mostly a good month too; if busy.

  9. Did you watch Long Way Down (or round or whichever one it was – Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s first one – that was the Land’s End to John De Groot track)? Your sunsets are spectacular.
    How exciting getting the new car!
    Strange world we live in at the moment. I’m taking stress care packages to friends that are drs in over run hopsitals.(Contactless obvs) – they are very burnt out. It’s quite awful.

  10. I missed the Excess Baggage post (and others) given the way I tend to dip in and out of social media and blogs during the week. Will check it out now.

    Lovely pics as usual of course.

  11. Well, despite the work hassels, it still looks like the month went pretty fabulously for you. Glad the workouts are going well and that you’re enjoying whales, food, blogging, daughter time, and so much more. Life is pretty darn good despite covid and its annoyances isn’t it?

  12. I love a good sentence a day sitch. I think such an intense month for everyone whether or not they were in lockdown – the planets must be really out of whack! Sorry to read that the day job has been so stressful but yay for evading lockdown and all the deliciousness. Love Sarah’s new wheels!

  13. I always love your photos! They make me hungry, make me want to visit your area and are so inspiring. Your virtual walk…..have you read the book Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain”? So good. Two friends travel from the bottom of Great Britain to the top of Scotland. It was a fun read for me.

  14. LOVED viewing and reading…and want that butter and jam on that bread…now! I am sorry the day job is so …(insert word of choice) and I hope you can see/visit your parents as soon as some of this awful lockdown ends…Mid Oct they are saying but would your AP let you back?? Who knows. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see a post old or new for next week as I mark 5 years of Life This Week, Blog Link Up. Warm wishes, Denyse.

  15. Oh, Jo, so glad to catch up with you through this great month in review post. Your photographs are some of your best ever, I think. Gorgeous food and nature shots. Glad you were able to enjoy some more time at Hervey Bay. Looks like the very best place to be on lockdown.

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