Lille, Tilburg and Burgundy

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Becky’s July #treesquare challenge has been finding other bloggers to connect with. Mostly though, I’ve loved going back through old photos and reliving travel memories.

So today, for the final #treesquare post, we’re back in France with some more of my favourite tree pics. Because it’s the final one, I’m jamming it full of (square) photos. #soznotsoz For the sake of brevity though, I’m stopping at Burgundy – the halfway point on the trip.


Our first stop on this mini road trip and the home of very good friends.

Lille surpassed my expectations (I posted about it here…) and while the old town was full of everything it should be, we also spent many hours strolling these paths in the part of town where we’d been staying.


A university town in The Netherlands, we dropped in here for lunch – and to visit my friend’s son. Breakfast in France, a drive through Belgium to lunch in The Netherlands. The whole distance thing – or rather lack of distance thing – blows my mind.


My favourite region, I think…

I loved it all – the countryside, the canals, the villages on the hills, the food, the wine… especially the food and the wine.

I even have a title for a book idea I came up with while at Châteauneuf-en-Auxois – The Lilac Queen.

Now I just need to write it… So many ideas, so little time.

From here we travelled through to the Loire Valley and Paris, but three years on I still haven’t posted anything about the Loire Valley and very little about Paris, so we’ll stop there for now. For more France (including the leg of the trip through Champagne), check out this link.

Tree Squares

Well, folks, that’s it for tree squares. I’ve had a great time with this challenge and have actually managed to post something most days of the month so it’s been fabulous for my blogging mojo too.

Thanks, Becky for running the show, inspiring us all and visiting so regularly – I don’t know how you do it.

And for those of you who have suffered through all my square photos of trees, thanks for indulging me.

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