We had friends over the other night. They’d been lucky enough to get out of Melbourne before it locked down – and before our borders here in Queensland closed. It was one of those weird situations where they boarded a flight and all was okay, but by the time they landed, their state was about to be locked down.

Anyways, it was great to catch up. These particular friends, who now live in Melbourne, spent six years in Lille in Northern France. It was them who we stayed with – and who we road-tripped with – when we were there back in April 2018.

I served a dish we’d enjoyed in Champagne in the courtyard in the main pic, but the conversation took us down memory lane.

So, I’m taking a skip down the same path today for #treesquare and sharing some trees from the Champagne leg of our road trip.

Here goes…

In and around Œuilly (the O and the E joined together looks weird, but it’s not a typo) and around Oyes

I’m linking up with Becky this month for her tree squares challenge where we post photos of trees, any trees, in square format. You’ll find Becky’s most recent post here. Oh, and given that I’m pretty much posting daily and you’ll probably get bored with pictures of trees in square formats, feel free to skim on by – I won’t be offended.

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    1. I think theirs will be over soon – Melbourne seems to have a handle on it. Sydney is another matter entirely. Our border is currently closed to both and while we have mandated masks, we have no movement restrictions at present.

  1. Beautiful photos of Champagne, very lucky for your friends as well. Who knows these days with borders closing at a moments notice

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