This osprey nest sits high in a tree on the esplanade at Urangan, Hervey Bay. It’s a relatively new nest for a relatively new pair of ospreys.

Most mornings they can be found fishing off the pier (see below) – with all the other fishermen – although fishing line is an ever present danger for them. The day I took this photo though, the mail bird was sitting in the tree eating his catch of the day while she sat in the nest just a brach of two away squawking the way that ospreys do.

I’m linking up with Becky this month for her tree squares challenge where we post photos of trees, any trees, in square format. You’ll find Becky’s most recent post here. Oh, and given that I’m pretty much posting daily and you’ll probably get bored with pictures of trees in square formats, feel free to skim on by – I won’t be offended.

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