Cairns Botanical Gardens

I’ve been meaning to drop in here for a wander on each of my previous trips, but haven’t managed to – we’ve either had a jam-packed schedule or I haven’t had transport.

But on a drizzly (yet warm) afternoon with nowhere we needed to be? Why not.

I’ll let the pics do most of the talking, but this is a gorgeous place to just exhale in nature.

A walk through Gondwana…and an opportunity to see just how the plant life in our country evolved…

No idea what this is, but I love it…

In the Conservatory there were orchids and…


No idea what these pineapple looking things are, but given they were in the bush tucker food section, I’m guessing they’re edible.

I adored the colour in this jade vine, which, incidentally, is called jade vine or turquoise jade vine. I can’t imagine why…

Becky’s Squares and the July Challenge

I’m new to the Becky’s Squares themes, but it’s a tad timely as I go searching for my lost creative mojo and also an excuse to trawl back through old pics (and crop them into squares). This month’s theme is (in case you haven’t guessed) trees.

The idea is to post a pic a day – not sure whether I’ll do that…but then again. If you get bored, simply skim by – I won’t be offended…this is all about amusing myself. 

Given that I have a couple of pics of trees in square format, this is today’s #treesquare post and here’s a link to Becky’s most recent.

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  1. The tree trunk you posted looks like it has paper bark! In fact, there is a tree around here called “paper maple” due to the bark appearing to be thin sheets and in different hues. And that last photo – wow! Amazing colors!

  2. Botanical Gardens are such treasure troves – especially in urban areas, where we often need a good dose of nature! Thank you for sharing all these restorative images, Jo. My favourites are the butterflies – the patterns & colours are so intricate. And I am particularly fascinated by the jade vine …. it looks so, well, jade-like!

  3. What beautiful photos! I just love exploring botanical gardens and seeing all the different plant varieties.

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