I’m linking up with Becky’s Squares for the month of July and posting photos of trees…in a square format. In fact, that’s the only rule for this tree challenge – that the pics must be square.

Todays tree, or rather trees, are in the Cotswolds village of Churchill. It’s January 1, 2020 and we’re in the final days of our English holiday and ready to head back to an Australia that is still in the middle of a bushfire crisis. Little did we know what else was to come.

Strangely enough, Churchill does have a church on a hill (get it?) – but that’s not where it gets its name from, that is probably the old English word cyrc meaning a hill or barrow or burial ground.

The village hasn’t always been here on this hill. Until 1684 it sat at the bottom of Hastings Hill until a fire (started by a baker who was trying to get around paying chimney tax) destroyed a heap of houses and other buildings and killed a few villagers. The village was rebuilt further up the hill – this time from stone rather than timber frames and thatch #quicklearners. Apparently, the old village can still be seen as grassy mounds.

Anyways, it’s a lovely spot with a Victorian fountain near the church and a lovely green common.

For me though, the claim to this village’s fame is that Churchill is the birthplace of chef Rick Stein, one of my foodie heroes. 

Becky’s Squares and the July Challenge

I’m new to the Becky’s Squares themes, but it’s a tad timely as I go searching for my lost creative mojo and also an excuse to trawl back through old pics (and crop them into squares).

The idea is to post a pic a day – not sure whether I’ll do that…but then again. If you get bored, simply skim by – I won’t be offended…this is all about amusing myself. Anyways, here’s a link to Becky’s post today.

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  1. a great #TreeSquare, and I have learnt a little bit about the village too 🙂

    and wow life back in January 2020 was so very different wasn’t it

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