5 things – Monday 24 August 2020

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it’s Monday again. From a COVID-19 update thing, after going over a month without any community transmission we’ve had a handful of cases with a mini-cluster in parts of Brisbane due to someone continuing to go to work with symptoms. Sigh. Seriously people, if you’re not well:

  1. stay home
  2. don’t go to work
  3. get a test
  4. stay home until you get the all-clear and finally
  5. stay home

Okay, now that I have that off my chest, onto the five…


Okay, let’s get the painful stuff out of the way. The week had a few annoyances in it – small stuff really, hardly worth worrying about #firstworldproblems

First up, my Instagram account got hacked on Monday. Maybe it was an attempted clone – I neither know nor care. Seriously who does this and why? It’s not like I’m an influencer or anything, just some random who posts too many pics of sunrises and food. Maybe that’s the problem… Anyways, Sarah came to the rescue and we got it in time. There was a period of about 5-10 minutes where as quickly as we were changing the password they were attempting to get back in again, but Sarah prevailed.

It had started that morning when I got an email about a suspicious log-in attempt to Facebook. I changed the password on that and it didn’t occur to me to change the password on my Instagram at the same time.

A couple of days later there was a similar attempt on my Twitter. Given that I haven’t actively used it for 2 years I logged in, changed the password and deactivated the account. I don’t like twitter anyway – there’s very little sunshine and light on there and way too much trolling and nastiness.

Then on Wednesday, my whale-watching adventure was cancelled due to bad weather – and admittedly while the day was gorgeous there was a pretty interesting westerly blowing. Moving on to Thursday and the pizza stone that I was cooking naan bread on in the oven spontaneously split down the middle. Yes, the oven was at a high temperature, but the stone had gone into a cool oven and was heated gradually so who knows what that one was about.

Finally I had to visit Telstra on Friday. Honestly I rank a visit to Telstra to discuss phone plans right up there with dentists and mammograms – seriously painful. Plus, I have more questions so will have to go back. Heavy sighs.

Okay, whining over, onto the good stuff.

2. Watching

Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

Thank you Deb’s World for this recommendation. I loved it…but then I love Eurovision and I love the sort of pop that comes out of it.

I also wasted time that I should have used for writing to watch new series of Vera and Father Brown (both on ABC TV) and have begun the descent down the rabbit hole which is Why Women Kill (SBS TV).

The highlight of the week was the RWA Awards Ceremony which we pre-recorded and dropped to YouTube (do you like how I have the technical speak happening?). Of course, the MC’ing was fabulous (moi) but I was so proud for the colleague who put it all together. When this started she had no idea how to do anything like this and on Saturday night we had a slick presentation with acceptance speeches and videos and all good stuff in it. We’re a volunteer-run organisation and everyone has day jobs and families etc so this is just one extra thing to fit in. I actually had a little tear of gratitude.

The sunrises last week were lovely – there was some dust around from the westerly winds. Check out the show from Friday morning…

3. Strawberry Fields Forever

Sarah and I went strawberry picking on Saturday. The strawberries weren’t any cheaper than what we could get at the markets (I could have got 1.5kgs for $12 the other day) and they were only marginally fresher (the strawberries we get at the markets were picked the day before) but it’s so much fun to do yourself. We brought home a kilo and an hour later this was all that was left.

And the ice cream was SO good. Thirty percent fruit good.

4. Memes

These ones appealed to me this week.

5. Foodie Stuff

We went up to Noosa yesterday for a 5 pot curry lunch at Noosa Beachhouse. We’ve done this a few times before, but due to COVID-19 it’s no longer a sharing platter but rather individual trays with little pots of curry.

The curries we had were:

They were all good but my faves were the beetroot, eggplant and prawns.

Grant also ordered the dessert – Sri Lankan Curds and Treacle. Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted so good too.

As for what was going on in my kitchen, I made Nigella’s Cauliflower and Cashew Curry. It’s from Simply Nigella, but you can find the recipe here. We had it with home-made naan for a change, but it’s great with rice – or on its own – and well worth making.

And from Nigella Express I made Coq Au Riesling. The recipe is here. It’s full of leeks and I used a few different mushrooms and is really very yummy and comfort foody.

I also baked Edd Kimber’s tahini and choc chip cookie slice and blogged the recipe (along with a review of the cookbook) here.

Okay, that was my week…how was yours?

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  1. Congratulations on a successful RWA awards. Is it a members only admission for viewing on YouTube? I tried to look it up but could bot find it. If available to the public, I would love the link.

  2. Congrats on the RWA Awards!

    I am loving the Eurovision movie soundtrack. Too impatient to watch the film but the music lifts my spirits!

    Can’t say no to strawberries! They’ve been lovely recently.

    SSG xxx

  3. The curries look good!

    Having had more than a sprinkling of bad bosses before, I do have to wonder how many people feel pressured to turn up for work. I wish people were more flexible and empowered to stay home. Thankful I’ve been able to do that while I’ve been sick for a few days.

    1. You’d certainly hope that we’re not putting pressure on people to go to work, but there probably is. Have a great week.

  4. Jo, Congrats on a successful RWA awards! I’ll watch it on YouTube. I love your photos. Glad you stopped the hacker from doing more damage. #lifethisweek

  5. Thanks for giving a peep into your week. Strawberry picking! I love it but probably won’t get to do it this summer due to covid. I’ve put Noosa Beachouse on my list for when we are allowed across the border and I can visit my son and grandsons. I saw you link in comment to the YouTube video. Off to check it out now

    1. They do the 5 pot curry lunch on Sundays – usually for a few months each year. It’s well worth going for.

  6. Congrats on the awards Jo, it’s great when it all comes together isn’t it? I am more than happy to take credit for recommending the Eurovision movie to you, I just loved it and am happy to say my husband also enjoyed it when I made him watch it with me! I always appreciate reading about your weeks – the food, the outings, the sunrises – you’ve got it all happening!! I can do without the hacking/cloning though thanks very much. Love the memes 🙂 #lifethisweek

  7. So much here this week Jo – gorgeous food and sunrises as per usual, congrats on the successful virtual RMA’s and for pulling it all together (and for pulling your IG back from the hackers – it sounded like a movie plot!)
    Also laughed at the glass of pee meme – so true!

  8. The Instagram hacking would’ve been so stressful! But it made me realise, I occasionally get an email re someone trying to change my FB password. I’ve never thought of changing my Insta password but probably should, given what you’re saying. I absolutely loved your sunrises last week! They were spectacular! The food looks delish and that dessert looks amazing! Hope this week is much better for you x

  9. I have to admit to just a little bit of jealousy over those fresh strawberries. Strawberry season here in May or June. I haven’t had any really fresh strawberries for 2 months and I won’t get any for another 9 or 10! Ugh!!!

    So sorry to read about your hacked Insta account. that’s one platform I have never been on, but everyone who uses it tells me I should do it. I typically ignore my Twitter and FB accounts, so I don’t see why I need another account to ignore! 🙂 Have a great week!!!

    1. We’re almost at the end of our season – it runs from Mother’s Day (early May) to Melbourne Cup Day (early November) and by the time summer comes around they’re finished.

  10. I’m so pleased the RWA Awards went well Jo and isn’t it an example of people working together, stretching their abilities and producing the goods. Such a great feeling of accomplishment. Be proud. As always I’ve enjoyed the images of the food and those strawberries are so Red! I received the Mary Berry Cookbook for my birthday and think of you each time I read it. Thanks for the beautiful sunrises and the meme about mornings is a mantra I live by. Have a fab week my friend. xx #lifethisweek

  11. Your post cheered me up no end this morning. I love the memes, cooking and sunrises. I’m going to the Sunshine Coast next week and hope to check out that curry restaurant.

    1. I hope you enjoy your stay up here. They do the 5 pt curry lunch on Sundays only. There are so many fabulous places to eat up here.

  12. What a delicious week and what spectacular sunrises! Boo to the hackers though! Really laughed at the glass of pee meme and loved the wise words. Congrats on the RWA awards, now you can add MCing to your CV!

  13. I grimaced reading the first part of the post…yes, I feel the same way about Telstra. Congrats on the awards …you guys amaze me with your on-line stuff. Loved the strawberries. I am glad I now know you got to have your Whale Watching tour. Aren’t those whales the best? I went on one spontaneously on a Sunday as I was near Eden in 2013 for a teaching observation the next day …crazy but wonderful sightings of the juvenile whales returning south.

    I had my IG hacked and not able to be returned to me on the day after I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2017. Ever since my accounts have been locked/private ones. I trust no-one these days!! LOL.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek and next week the optional prompt is 35/51 Share Your Snaps #7 31.8.2020 and I hope to see you there too. Denyse.

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