5 things – Monday, August 9, 2020

Alrighty then, another week gone. 

Here in Queensland our borders have closed again to visitors (and Queenslanders returning) from NSW and Victoria, but we currently have just 11 active cases. My heart goes out to Victorians who are in a strict Stage 4 lockdown. It sort of doesn’t seem right to be living quite close to normal when nothing about their day to day is normal. It’s a tough call, I guess.

Anyways, onto the five:

1.These words

2. I want this poster

3. Swanky new website

My author website has had a refresh and a lift and looks (in my humble opinion) fabulous. You can check it out here.

Because I was in the mood for ticking boxes I also:

  • uploaded I Want You Back to Amazon for pre-order – It will be available from September 29.
  • uploaded Careful What You Wish For to Amazon for pre-order – it will be available from November 14
  • Uploaded Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry to be formatted for print. They will both be available for ordering in print from your favourite booksellers from 1 October.

The preorder links are here, and both I Want You Back and Careful What You Wish For will be available in all other retailers (including Kobo and in print) following the Amazon publication date. Watch this space for details.

I didn’t do the day job thing on Friday so spent the day recording some voiceovers for RWA’s virtual award ceremony and ticked a heap more boxes besides.

After seeing all the little ticks in my journal I am feeling really quite chuffed with myself, but I’m mentally exhausted. There’s still a lot more to do over the next month – aside from the virtual conference we have the AGM coming up in RWA, an all-day strategy and planning session, plus I’m contracted to ghost-write some horoscopes over the next couple of weeks…and that’s before I factor in the day job. #headdownbumupfingersonkeyboard

4. Listening

My friend Sue Loncaric has launched a new podcast titled Women Living Well After 50. Sue is an absolute inspiration to me and so many others and her new podcast is a prime example of that.

You can find it on iTunes and also here.

I’ve also been listening to Myths and Legends on Richard Fidler’s Conversation Hour this week. From the inspiration behind Wonder Woman to Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, Irish folk tales and the dark origins of fairytales such as The Little Mermaid. It’s great listening and you can find the conversations here.

I’ve also just found this one – Postcards From Midlife – and am glad that I did. You can find it here.

5. In the Kitchen

Some hits and some misses this week.

I made Nigella’s Korean Keema (hit), James Martin’s Curried Cauliflower Soup (hit), and Half-Baked Harvest Thai-style Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry (hit) – although I really must write the recipe up as the ads on the website slow everything down, suck the power from my laptop and do my head in.

I also made salmon laksa with some of Life’s Good curry paste (if you can’t get it in person on the coast they do mail order) and baked some lemon and rosemary shortbread and some cardamom shortbread – both of which were, as always hits. The biggest hit of the week though was Sunday night’s supper – James Martin’s creamy sausage gnocchi. Sooooooooo good, and the best gnocchi I’ve ever made. #justsaying

The miss? Nigella’s Old Rag Pie. As fabulous as it looked, it really wasn’t for us. I said why on the latest instalment of The Nigella Diaries. I made it for our Destination Greece night – which also included some butterflied lamb, roast potatoes with oregano and feta, and a Greek salad.

Okay, that was my week…how was yours?


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  1. While I understand the need for state borders to be closed, it makes me so sad. I feel like Australia is less of a united country and more like it’s every state for itself. Sigh. Like you, I catch myself enjoying my “new normal” and feel a pang for Victorians who are doing it so tough right now. Sounds like you really have your hands full but at least you won’t have time to get bored. And what a shame about the Rag Pie because it certainly looks the part. I love that baking meme – sums it up perfectly! Have a great week!

    1. It is so sad…I even debated noot doing my insta sunrises, but a couple of Melbourne friends said that rather than making them feel worse, it was sharing a little light. You just don’t know what the right thing is to do. Have a great week.

  2. Hi, Jo – Congratulations on your updated website. I just had a peek and it looks awesome! Congratulations also on all of that box-ticking. Your recipes here look awesome (although I am going to continue to trust Sarah about the Old Rag Pie!

  3. Don’t stop your sunrise photos Jo. Looks like being a while until I can get into Queensland to see one. I can’t see us being able to visit the grandchildren until 2021. Well done on getting all those jobs ticked off.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I hope things clear up soon so you can safely hop on a plane and see your family. Stay safe and well.

  4. Hi Jo, I took more of a look at your layout. Very professional, beautiful in appearance, fun and nice to read. Thoughts of course, from an amateur blogger, yet genuine. The “create happy endings” made me smile.

    A belly laugh when I read “Baking is my Therapy” and then the murder part. I get it.

    You have definitely ticked off many boxes. Inspirational. You also remind me Jo, how if you want to make sure to get anything done, give it to a busy person.

    Exceptionally beautiful photos! Reading the above comments, I appreciate you sharing the light, Jo. It makes a difference and creates a ripple effect. xx

    1. Thanks Erica. I’m pretty chuffed with the layout. I’m thinking of loading that theme onto my Sunshine Coast blog when I get around to reinvigorating that. I hope that’s how people see the subrises – as sharing the light rather than “rubbing in” what they’re unable to do. x

  5. I’m actually sleeping in for the first time in my life which is rare and nice but also I’m missing the sunrise 🙂 new author site looks good!

    1. I’d love to be able to sleep in – the intention is there on a Sunday morning but my brain is a bit slow to get the message. Sigh.

  6. Hi Jo, I also love your sunrise photos each day! I listened to the Neil Gaiman interview on our long drive home and we both really enjoyed it! I love those old words especially the one about reading in bed! Off for a look at your author site, pre-order your books and check out the podcasts – so much to do!! #lifethisweek

    1. After listening to that the first time it was on I bought his book – and can hear him reading the stories to me.

  7. Hi Jo – the new author site looks amazing and very professional. Loved the colours of the book fronts – made the whole thing look very bright and sparkly. Also glad to hear you got your sound etc sorted for the voice overs in time to do them in your exceedingly excellent manner – and well done on ticking all those things off your list. I’m off to check out Postcards from Midlife – Sue’s got me all excited about podcasts now she’s become the Midlife Podcast Queen.

  8. Jo, I had an ironic chuckle at the “11 active cases”. Sigh. I cannot get into podcasts, but have found myself reading more these past few weeks.

    I checked out your website… lovely! I just finished Happily Ever After and really enjoyed it. You’ve created believable characters, I liked the Australia/New Zealand setting (i never read anything set there… but hey, you are probably also my first Aussie author to read, too), and the (main) plot twist was very unexpected. Now I need to figure out which one of your’s to read next… is there any order/series aspect to your others books?

    1. We are sooooo lucky in our state (touch wood). Thanks so much for your words re my novel. That plot twist was never meant to happen, but I’m a pantser so it just did. Baby It’s You is pure romcom, so maybe Big Girls or Wish You Were Here – the latter is also set partly in Queenstown with some crossover characters.

  9. I really feel for Vic and Melb in particular. Really hoping NSW doesn’t head that way. New website looks pretty awesome! Love the font on that one! Thank you for your sunrise pics – I feel like I start my day with your pics! 😀 Always impressed by your cooking. Coddiwomple is an amazing word – a friend and I found it a couple of years ago and used it to describe the way we walk – we kinda clomp while wearing heels/boots and it worked with that! Hope you have a lovely week ahead Jo.

  10. The new website looks brilliant Jo! Really professional. If I could find out how to make things move around like I would delight in using it so much that my whole website would give people virtigo 😀 I’ve really been enjoying seeing your photos x

  11. Jo, I love the words in your 1st item. Apparently I’ve been a librocubicularist, LOL.Your author blog looks amazing. I like the font used for the main headings and how the book info is organized and displayed. I’m in awe of how much you get done every day. I wouldn’t be able to do much else after a day job. Keep posting the sunrises.

  12. From the photo, I had high hopes for the rag pie but sorry to read it wasn’t your cup of tea. Looks so scrumptious. The Korean Keema sounds very good. But I don’t do lamb…could I do ground beef or turkey instead?
    Hate that parts of Australia are struggling so with Covid. Hope the rest of the country can remain healthy and safe. We have an occasional day of good reports = less than 100 new cases, only 1-2 new deaths here in El Paso and then we have a day like today with 7 deaths and 300+ new cases. Will it ever end?

    1. You can absolutely do turkey – in fact Nigella’s recipe is done with turkey. Hope your week is going great.

  13. Go you….and yes, I find it hard to have Australia so divided right now. I agree that Sue has made a wonderful and heart felt transition with her site, her facebook group, youtube and podcasts. I will check out your author site too. Thanks always for your morning photos. Sharing IS caring…

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. #202. (I know!) Next week’s optional prompt is 33/51 I Want. 17.8.2020 and I hope that you link up then too. Take care, Denyse.

  14. Hi Jo, congratulations on the new look – the author website looks great. You must feel completely energized by all your accomplishments this week. I’m tired from just reading it all. Border closings are harsh but necessary and I try not to think of it as ‘them or us.’ Ultimately, those types of measures will make everyone safe. My county is doing better, but two over, not so much. Sunrises and other beautiful pictures are not only appreciated but necessary right now; share away. I’m loving Sue’s new direction, and I think she found her calling. Now, about the food – I am currently on a low-calorie diet, so I scrolled quickly past for fear that I might gain an ounce and will Pin for another time. I know that neither you nor Nigella has ever made anything low-calorie! What would be the fun in that? Take care and have a wonderful week. S

    1. Thanks! And yes, where would be the fun in deprivation…although I am having to find new and interesting lower calorie choices for weeknights…#justsaying

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