5 things – Monday, July 6, 2020

Greetings from a chilly Sunshine Coast – although I am aware that our idea of chilly and winter elsewhere is probably a tad different!

After a busy week, we took it easy over the weekend, although ducked into Maleny, a town in the hinterland yesterday for a wander and a winter sun picnic. We finally, after three years of looking, found the perfect picture for our living room – but more on that in a few weeks when it arrives.

Mary Cairncross Reserve

Anyways, without further havering, lets get into the weekly five:


We had friends over for dinner last Saturday night and they brought these sunflowers with them – and I’ve been enjoying them all week.

2. These memes

These memes made me giggle during the week…

3. In the news

This story about what Chunk the Groundhog can teach you about gardening, and this one about fake flights to nowhere in Taiwan. Yes, it’s a thing – and people are signing up for it.

4. This community garden

I love the idea of community gardens, urban gardens and allotments so couldn’t resist checking out this one in Maleny yesterday. Sure, it’s not looking its best at the moment, but there’s wonder even in an overgrown garden.

5. In the kitchen

Saturday morning scrambled eggs eaten in the sun

A productive week in the kitchen.

First up we tried this cauliflower and cashew curry. We had some leftover homemade jungle curry paste in the fridge so I used that instead of the red curry paste that Nigella’s recipe calls for, but it’s definitely one we’re adding to the meat free list.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you about Life’s Good curry pastes before – they’re a local company that produces amazing, authentic curry pastes, and they’re also regulars at our local farmer’s market. Using their Chang Mai paste I made these Chang Mai noodles.

Then there was this steak and guinness pie. I tend to avoid making pastry, but this one turned out brilliantly. So brilliantly that I blogged it – here.

Ireland was the destination for our Saturday Kitchen adventure. On the menu was stout bread with salmon pate, Dublin Coddle, and Baileys ice cream. I wrote all about it here.

Okay, that was my week – what were your highlights?

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  1. Hi Jo – great 5 things (nice to see your sunflower love continuing). I saw the ABBA meme earlier this week and had a little snort – people are so clever! And yes that pie is beyond spectacular so worth a blog post in its own right xx

  2. Sunflowers are such a delightfully cheerful flower, how lovely to have them in your home! We also did a Dublin Coddle when we did our Irish cuisine night (about 4 years ago!) and yours looks delicious. And I’m impressed with how the pastry on that pie turned out!

  3. Wow! Those sunflowers are truly stunning. Please tell your friends that your followers all enjoyed them too.
    And…are you proud of me for not commenting on your delcious food? That was very, very difficult! 😀

  4. Those sunflowers are gorgeous! Love the food – and craving some now! Those memes are pretty funny! I saw the Nandos one on FB when you shared and it did make me giggle. Love a good pun! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. That pie would definitely be the highlight of my week! That Nandos meme had me laughing out loud! Hope you have a wonderful week x

  6. I love the sunflowers Jo, they are such happy flowers! Those memes are funny and your cooking always blows me away! Have a great week and hope the chilli temps ease up as we’re due up that way soon 🙂 x #lifethisweek

  7. That cauliflower cashew curry looks delicious! I am saving that recipe for sure. Loved those photos of the sunflowers. My favorite!

  8. I love sunflowers and curry (not in the same dish 🙂 ) so this post made me happy. My neighbor planted a bunch of sunflowers then went away for two weeks, telling me that I could cut some for myself since they’d probably die before they got back. I’ve been enjoying big vases of sunflowers for a week now. None of the work, all of the reward!

  9. The sunflowers are beautiful.I love gardening and the sight of flowers and plants excites me:).The pie looks very yummy.Have a wonderful week ahead!!

  10. Sunflowers are such a great flower to brighten up your home! My grandmother used to grow them, and I can’t help but think about summer and sunshine when I look at a bouquet. – K

  11. As usual Jo, your post is delectable. Cool news on finding a painting for your house. It IS quite a search to do that. I love the details of sunflowers. Tried to grow one or two in a pot, but they did not last long. Sigh.

    Thank you for sharing your post for the link up #lifethisweek Next Week, the optional prompt is #selfcare. Come on over and join in with a post old or new. Warm wishes, Denyse.

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