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The week in pics

To be honest I had to look a tad harder this week for things that made me smile. There’s nothing wrong per se, just that my mojo has been a little more mo and less jo this week.

There’s nothing I can really put my finger on to explain it, although it could be that my ankle/lower calf injury is playing up again – which, of course, coincides with the number of steps that I’m doing. This happened at this time last year too and I am doing a lot of steps. Not doing the steps is not an option so I’ve bought some new walking shoes. Given that I’m no longer going to the gym, I’ve splashed out on some specialist Merrell walkers with decent suspension. I’m also stretching the calf heaps and strapping the ankle while I’m in the house.

Anyways, whatever it is that’s worrying me, I’m sure I’ll snap out of it as fast as I snapped into it. I tend to have neither the patience or the focus to maintain a decent fug for long…

Okay, the week that was. Here goes.

Flame trees and jacarandas…

The jacaranda out the front of our house

I haven’t managed any good photos of jacs yet this year, but they’ve been in full bloom for a couple of weeks now and every time I see them they make me smile.

The flame trees are beginning to come out with their fabulous flashes of red. This one is on our lunchtime walk.

This meme…

and this meme…

Get it?

This Instagram site…

@haleydrewthis Check it out…

Did you know…

The Sunshine Coast as a region was named as the largest consumers of champagne in Australia? And Buderim (where I live) was the 2nd highest consumers by postcode of champagne.

I’m actually more than a little proud of that statistic…

This pizza…

At The Savvy Squire on Friday night at Mooloolaba Wharf. It was mushroom and taleggio and well worth every single calorie.

Saturday Kitchen…

This week’s theme was Chinese and here I am blow-drying the chicken. It makes the skin crispy. And, before you ask, I only do it for Shandong chicken…

On the menu was:

San Choy Bau. This one is easy and healthy enough for mid-week dinners.

Shandong Chicken. This is one of our fave takeaway options, but we haven’t been able to get a decent one up here. This version is roasted not deep-fried which makes it cleaner and much healthier – but just as tasty…I think tastier. We served it with some pickled carrots and cucumber and steamed rice on the side.

Dessert was tricky as none of us is into Chinese desserts and there was no way I was deep-frying ice cream. So I figured seeing as how you often get little cut up pieces of orange after your meal I’d make an orange and almond cake that I served with some orange-zested mascarpone.

If you’re interested, I blogged last week’s Scottish night in full over on the BKD site. The link is here. I’ll post this one over there in full (including the recipes) during the week.

Okay, that was my week… how was yours?

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  1. Hi, Jo – Once again your memes totally cracked me up. And blow-drying chicken? Seriously, who knew?!
    BTW – Did you, by chance, have anything to do with the high champagne consumption in your postal code area? 😀

  2. Hi Jo – loved all the photos (again) and that meme about the flea just cracked me up (because I’m a good bible reading girl and had never thought about the flea before!) And I wonder if the champagne stats will change now that you’re reducing your consumption in honour of reducing your excess baggage?

  3. Sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully the new shoes help. I noticed I’d done less than 400 steps yesterday when I finally left the house to go and babysit my godson (at 3pm). I wouldn’t have ended up doing much more than that. I’ve gained some weight during all of this non-working time and would like to feel a bit fitter again. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to motivate myself to go walking. I don’t mind it, but…..

    I had the most amazing pizza when I went to Melbourne. I think it was from a ‘chain’ or group (A25) but for a gluten-free pizza it had a REAL base and ’twas just delicious.

  4. Flame trees and jacarandas in the same post! Thank you!

    I’m a bit disappointed that my suburb didn’t make the top 10… we work very hard in this area around here!

    SSG xxx

  5. Seriously your cuisine nights are next level – they always have me drooling! And those dog memes are pure gold. They actually had me lol-ing! They’re so good, they totally need their own verb! Hope this week is where mo and jo come together!

    1. Just how funny were they? I’m really enjoying our cuisine nights. The challenge is getting my family to agree to us trying something different…but then, that’s the whole point!

  6. I laughed at the mo-jo comment!! Hope you’re feeling a bit better. I enjoyed all your weekly offerings again this week and am intrigued at blowdrying a chicken!! You are definitely a next level chef!! I love all your photos and I have to say the flame tress look magnificent. My week was a bit stressful but hopefully things improve soon. #lifethisweek

  7. Good luck on the injury, especially when you are doing so well and staying consistent with your fitness goals. The meme is a definitely smile.(actually both memes:) Pizza is my death row meal, and the photo of this mushroom pizza looks wonderful! Btw no plans to be on death row. The meals look very healthy and tasty. (I think it is Webmd where advice is Champage is the perfect remedy for all injuries:)

    1. Maybe that’s why the ankle is playing up – because I’m no longer drinking during teh week. Maybe it’s been this sore all along and I haven’t noticed lol. It’s def an overuse injury as it’s one that has plagued me on and off for a number of years. Strapping it during the day seems to be helping but I don’t think it helps that I’m barefoot whenever I’m in the house.

  8. I hope you’re on the mend and the new Merrell shoes make your walks more comfortable. I walk a lot every day. I do foot and ankle massage with my hands and fingers, and soak my feet in warm water before bed. I laughed at your mo-jo comment and the memes. Your food photos look delicious. Now I’m dreaming of champagne 🙂 #lifethisweek

    1. Thanks Natalie. I’m trying to massage the muscle in the evenings – it’s quite inflamed I think. The strapping during the day helps and I think now that they’re worn in the new shoes are helping too. It’s still painful at the end of the day & on long walks, but I don’t think staying off it is the answer either.

  9. Hope that you are soon back on your best game. We have been kind of down lately, too. I think the season change has something to do with it. And the tummy issues my PC is experiencing and my sore throat. Sure we will all be back to 110% very soon.

    Lovely photos. The beach is calling my name. Maybe we all need a beach day with sunshine and margaritas?

    1. Thanks. I’m putting it down to the change in season – we have a big holiday soon & I tend to get a tad restless before that. I’m sure I’ll be back on my game before too long.

  10. That beach photo with the palm tree is the best! Love it.

    Dont you just hate your body playing up when all you want to do is get fitter and keep walking. I am guessing you already see a podiatrist/ortho person. I wear orthotics inside Brooks Adrenaline or Addiction shoes. Or bIrkenstocks because each supports my feet.

    I cannot do barefeet although it used to be my go-to because apparently bare feet and tiled (hard) floors mean possible plantar fascitis.

    Hope the blues p-off. Moods that have no good reason are annoying.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next wee’s optional prompt is: 43/51 Your Favourite Book As a Child 28/10/19 BUT I am not following it. I am introducing my Daily Gratitude Instagram Challenge running for the 30 days of November, ending on the last day which is my 70th B’day !! Do add your blog link whichever prompt you choose…even no prompt! Denyse.

    1. Thanks Denyse. I have orthotics in my trainers, but I think the suspension had gone in them – so many miles! I’m now strapping it when I’m at home & it seems to be helping. As an aside, I’m very guilty for being barefoot…

  11. Those memes where hilarious!! But then again how can you not love a dog meme!!

  12. Your food posts and sunrise pics always make me slightly envious. It sucks when physical injuries get in the way of activity. Seriously puts a dampener on the mood as well. Hope you have a lovely week ahead

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