Dumplings…and other things to love.


It hasn’t been a great week.

Hubby and I spent the weekend in Brisbane doing some Christmas shopping and celebrating the launch of my new novel. Then on Sunday, on our way home, we heard that a very close friend had passed away from pancreatic cancer. Too young and too cruel.

We’ll be heading down to Canberra for the funeral, but for now, because my friend was an artist, it feels right to honour her with colour, light and things that I’m loving about life right now. In light of that, some of my favourite pics from last weekend in the city.

1. The murals in the road underpasses near the hotel we spent the weekend at in Brisbane

2. Jacarandas. Yes, we’re near the end of the season, but jacaranda purple is the most beautiful purple in the world. When our daughter was little she used to call them fairy flowers. I still do. Did you know the first one arrived from South America just across the river from here in 1864 in an otherwise empty ship carrying ballast of rocks. It thrived in the Botanic Gardens until 1980.

3. These fabulous French posters we saw in a laneway in Brisbane last weekend

4. This bell out the front of the pagoda in Southbank.

Yes, I know that the pagoda was put there for Expo 88, but I love this bell – and the carving. I also love the community garden beside it & these pineapples.

5. This community share library in the middle of the city. I hope that it gets used.

6. This little church – and the windows in the big one next door.

7. Street art…always.

8. Gardens and roses…like this one – the Botanical Gardens. These spaces are places to breathe.

9. Dutch croquettes shared for breakfast. Just because.

10. Dumplings. Whilever there are dumplings there is something to love. These ones were consumed with absolute relish at New Shanghai in Brisbane on the weekend.

It’s Lovin’ Life Linky time…

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to look for our happy and share it about a bit. The Lovin’ Life Linky is brought to you by Team Lovin’ Life: Deep Fried Fruit, DebbishWrite of the Middle50 Shades of Age,  and, of course, me.


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  1. Mmm dumplings! 😀 I love it…. I’m skipping over your “summer in the city” photos because I’m jealous and I went straight for the comfort food.

  2. Jo, you are a winner with the new book. I started it yesterday and can’t put it down. You have interrupted my duties of decluttering and getting my MILs house ready for sale!!! I’m so sorry for your loss of your friend. Life can be so hard at times can’t it. Take care and I hope you are preparing to write your next book because I’ll be waiting. xx

    1. I’m glad that I’m providing you with a distraction – but even more pleased that you’re enjoying the book xxx

  3. I’m sorry for your loss of your friend, Jo. It’s a really sad part of the life cycle. I saw jacarandas when I was in Buenos Aires. Probably the same ones that came to Brisbane. Brisbane looks great in your photos and I’d love to try those dumplings. #teamlovinlife

  4. I found some frozen gluten-free dumplings recently but they were a bit of an anticlimax sadly…. I’d tried frozen GF spring rolls as well to a similar result so suspect it’s not indicative of the taste of dumplings (which didn’t seem to really be a ‘thing’ before my coeliac diagnosis in 2004 or so).

    So sad about your friend – my thoughts are with you guys and their friends and family. xx

  5. So sorry about your friend. The photos you shared to honor her are gorgeous. I also love a good dumpling – although I’ve limited myself to only seafood and veggie for years now. Still love the memory of the BBQ pork.

    1. Thanks Janet…My faves are the Xiao Long Bao or soupy pork ones…yummo…but you can’t go past a good prawn one either…

  6. Hi, Jo – Good thing that you left a note at your other site for your Mom and Dad. I needed the reminder and redirection as well. AND – I would have hated to miss a post about dumplings…and street art!!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Jo – pancreatic cancer is a terrible type of cancer to deal with. Loved your tribute to her – and I’m sure she’d be smiling to see it xx

    1. Thanks x That’s what I love about the Lovin Life linky – a real reason to look for the joy at times when it might be harder than usual to see them.

  8. I’m so sorry about your friend Jo. Life truly is cruel. Finding the beauty around you during times like these is always somewhat therapeutic. Also a hearty congratulations on your new book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  9. So sorry to hear about your friend. That’s horrible news to hear at any time. Your time in Brisvegas looks fab, I haven’t been for a few years, I bet it’s changed a lot since my last visit. I see you stopped in at New Shanghai, I’d recognise those plates and those dumplings anywhere!

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