10 tips to work from home and get stuff done

This is not my office

These days I work completely from home. I’m either:

  • Remotely working back to Sydney. On a good week this is about 15 hours spread across 3 days. On a normal week it’s about 17 hours spread across 4. Given, though, that I’m not (yet) earning enough from my writing to pay our bills, I need to be flexible with this work.
  • Working on the rewrite for I Want You Back…which may or may not end up with a title change…
  • Working on turning some astro blog content into a series of ebooks
  • Generating content for the blogs and scheduling posts and tweets
  • Admin

The thing is I’m not naturally a disciplined person – in fact, I’m far from it – working without the boundaries of having to get up, get dressed and go to an office is a personal recipe for disaster. In order to get anything done I’ve had to put in my own routines. Ten of them. I wrote about it here, on the author site.

What about you? How disciplined (or otherwise) are you? Any other tips for getting stuff done?

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  1. I read this earlier and thought I’d come back to it but just realised I’d read it on your other site. I could very much relate though!

  2. I’m fairly disciplined so I knew I could handle that aspect of working from home. I wondered how I’d go not having other people around but it hasn’t been as lonely as I thought – mostly I don’t have time to get lonely!

    1. In a previous life I used to do 3 days a week from home, but have always had to put little routines in place to force the discipline. I miss the banter, but absolutely not the politics of an office. I’m much happier dealing with the moods of a snoring cocker spaniel.

  3. I started a program called The Miracle Morning about a month ago and then life got crazy and I let it fall by the wayside. Hope to pick it up again this Monday and make it a habit by summer’s end. Will be talking more about it on my blog but TMM is supposed to help increase one’s productivity and potential. I am so easily distracted at home (and everywhere else) but hope that with your good tips and TMM, I can have an accomplished summer.

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