Ok, here’s the deal, I’m “borrowing” the subject of today’s post from my #TeamLovinLife colleague @deepfriedfruit.

And the subject? What I’m working on.

So, without further ado, here goes…

Partition stuff…

I’m still doing some hours remotely for the company I used to work for in Sydney. That’s pretty well spread across three days at present: Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Given though, that it is my primary only income at present, it gets top priority – and as much flexibility as it needs.

Fiction stuff…

I trashed most of my fourth book when it just wasn’t working. I wrote about it here on the author site.

What I’ve decided to do instead is split it into three short novels – almost novellas in length. They’ll each be around the 50,000 word mark. Because they’re three different stories occurring in the same timeframe, there are crossovers that I have to keep an eye on through the editing process of each.

Each character is not only telling her own story, but also giving her perspective into the story of the others. Confused already? You wouldn’t be alone. In drafting no.2 of this series (at the moment untitled, so I’m referring to it as Tiffany),

Anyways, the plan is to release them all a month after each other – which essentially means that I’ll need at least two ready to go before the first is published.

Yes, that does put a certain amount of pressure on me. While I Want You Back is off getting the assessment treatment, Tiffany is being drafted. I’m giving myself just a month to do this.

As well as madly drafting Tiffany, I’m also building the story for Alice in my head and gathering ideas for the covers and titles.

Astro stuff…

I’m trying a few new things with my astro at present. Brief daily astro weather forecasts are going up on instagram at @jotraceyastrology. Plus I’m working on turning some of the vast content I have on my astro site into a series of DIY teach yourself astrology ebooks.

I’m yet to set a deadline for this, but desperately need to do so in order to keep myself accountable.

What’s next…

There’s another book that I’m dying to write. Essentially it’s about uncertainly and how the linear direction that we think we’ll be taking into our 50s is very often everything but… At this point it’s bouncing around inside my head.

In the meantime…

I’m in Sydney next week for some family business, so my routine will be all over the place. The challenge will be to keep the work up, while everything else is happening.

I’ll also be re-starting a monthly newsletter from my author site, but with cross-overs to this. If you haven’t joined up already, I’d love it if you could. You can do so here.

Ok, it’s Thursday, so that means sharing our happy. Like the Partridge Family sang C’mon Get Happy! Am I the only sad case old enough to remember that?

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9 Comments on “What I’m working on…

  1. I like the idea of the three books – it sounds both harder and easier to write that way!

    • Yeah both I reckon…but I’m aiming them to be at normal city commute length.

    • Yeah, I like reading them too – it adds dimension, I reckon…

  2. The new book – the one you’re thinking up – sounds great! And I’m glad you’re looking at some of the Astro stuff as that’s a good opportunity to potentially earn income and replace the partition job down the track!

    • Yeah something completely different. I’ll talk you through the idea next time we chat.

  3. You amaze me that you can have three books and another in the back of your head, plus a part-time job all being juggled with finesse! I have enough on my plate with a job and a blog – you are my new idol!!

    • My boss (who happens to be one of my closest friends) used to say he was glad he didn’t live in my head – too many people up there with a story to tell, he’d say. The hardest part is the discipline – and the different voices or types of writing. But I actually think it helps with writer’s block – I just move to a different project.

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