Twelve Minutes…

Twelve minutes.

It doesn’t sound like much.

It’s three and half pop songs.

That’s how long it takes me to drive to Mooloolaba Beach each morning. From there I walk – some days down to the lighthouse, some days in the opposite direction and across the headland to Alexandra Headland Beach. But each morning I walk for an hour, or 5kms. Yes, I’m a slow walker.

In my old life, it would take me 10 minutes to drive to the gym. I’d have to leave home by 4.50am, and leave the gym again by 5.30am in order to be home to get ready for work.

Then I’d walk 10 minutes to the bus stop to catch the 6.37am into the city.

Now I get up at 5.30am, drive 12 minutes (10 if I get the lights green at the top of the hill) and get to see the sun come up. Plus I get to exercise.

Then I’m back home and ready to be at my desk by 8.30 – just like I used to be. I’m now working (mostly) on turning my writing into a living, but I’m still doing some remote work for my old corporate gig. Yes, I’m missing the salary, but I feel like I have my life back.

The other difference is, I’ve walked and I’ve seen the sunrise.

I’m loving that.

What are you loving about life right now?

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13 thoughts

  1. Seeing the beauty in nature like that can make your day start off so uplifted, right?
    I remember on the way to work in the mornings, trying to appreciate all that nature had in front of me!! It’s quite incredible!

  2. Oh I do envy your Mooloolaba walk. I’ve walked that beach and boardwalk many times when up there on holidays. I am lucky though that I live on Moreton Bay and have a waterfront walk just a short drive away. Last year I was up at 5am and out of the house by 5:30am and down the waterfront for a sunrise walk just about every day. I’ve had to have a break from walking though due to plantar fasciitis in my left foot (so painful). Hope to get back to it soon though!! Beautiful photo’s! Sounds like you are settling in well to your new home. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  3. Oh ouchy do re the foot thing! There’s something about seeing water and nature when you start the day, isn’t there? Have a great weekend…

  4. I love your morning pics Jo. I’m an early morning walker too. I’m just a little annoyed that the sunrise is getting so late – it really cuts into my day. But I have to say, my day is always better when I start it with a walk 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  5. I so don’t miss the city traffic etc… The commute or the hours. I miss the money sometimes. (Well, often.) I can’t imagine going back to it now and it seems like another world away.

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