24 hours in Melbourne…

near Rose St markets

So, it’s Saturday morning and you have the weekend in Melbourne. Aside from shopping, the big question is what to do?

Here are my suggestions for 24 hours in magnificent Melbourne…


If you’re staying in the city, you have plenty of choices.

My fave in the city is Cumulus Inc (Spring St end of Flinders Lane), but you need to be prepared to queue. Further down Flinders Lane is Journal Café. You enter through the City Library and CAE entrance.


I prefer Journal Canteen (up the stairs in the same building), but it’s closed on the weekend. If you’re there during the week, try it out- it’s very retro chic.


Even further down the lane- heading towards Spencer St- is Grain Store. Their corn fritters are well worth the walk.


The Markets


I love Rose St Markets. It’s small enough to be creative and maintain its individuality, yet large enough to be interesting.

Even though I swore to my husband that I was not coming back with more candles or scarves, I came away with candles and a stripy mohair scarf.


I also chatted with a fascinating lady from the Yarra Valley who was spinning alpaca fleece. ‘This is Mimi,’ she told me.

In fact, she told me which animal each of the yarns and garments originated from. ‘That one’s Hamish,’ she said of the poncho that I so wanted, but so couldn’t afford.

‘I have a waiting list for Hamish’s next fleece,’ she said.


Rose Street Markets are on every Saturday and Sunday from 11am- 5pm.

Located at 60 Rose Street, between Brunswick and Nicholson Street, it’s an easy walk from tram 96 (from Bourke St- use stop 16) or the number 11 from Collins St (stop 17).


For more information, check out this link.

Don’t forget to check out the murals in the carpark across the road, and in the streets around.


A browse in some vintage shops…

If you’ve read Baby It’s You, you’d know that Emily heads into Fitzroy whenever she wants to do some vintage browsing. Gertrude St is great, but you’ll also find some simply by wandering up Brunswick St once you’ve finished at the markets. I saw this long green leather coat that would be perfect- if I was 20kgs lighter and 20 years younger…


A bite in the sky…


By now you could be getting hungry- or thirsty. In any case, it’s 12pm somewhere, so you have good reason to head up to Naked in the Sky- the rooftop bar attached to Naked For Satan- about halfway up Brunswick St.


The views are great- and there are plenty of craft beers and vodkas on the list. If you’re peckish, grab a tapas or three.


Speaking of the sky…

view from the loos

One of the best views of Melbourne is from the toilets on Level 35 of the Sofitel Hotel. Yes, really. Just don’t say I told you so. It goes without saying that you should be eating or drinking or staying there…

looking up from level 35


Get it? Fond of Mexican? Oh, never mind.


Fonda Mexican, up the Spring St end of Flinders Lane, is a perfect spot to stop for lunch. Try a taco or two, or a quesadilla. Maybe you’re in the mood for some tequila or a frozen margarita?


Just be sure to try the chips. Best. Ever.

Sample some street art…


Walking back down Flinders St after lunch, you can’t help but notice the colours. Take a left into Duckboard Pl and follow it through to AC/DC Lane- which has had a makeover since I was last here.



Further down towards Swanston St is the most famous of them all- Hosier Lane.

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

Drinkipoos, darlings?


Imagine every single cliché you could think of around a garden party or tennis party. Add some more pink, an arbour or three with fake wisteria, a suggestive menu full of punches, even more pink, and you could be close to imagining Madame Brussels.


Personally, the punches were a tad sweet for me, but this is a fun spot to faff about on a Saturday afternoon.

ignore the badly chipped nail polish...
ignore the badly chipped nail polish…

You enter through a rather non-descript door on Bourke St- heading up the hill after Exhibition St.

Time for dinner…

Really? You’re asking me? In this town, there’s good food everywhere- it just depends on your taste and your budget.


Rose St, Fitzroy

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