2016: Doing Epic Stuff

2016 written on sandy beach

Of all the new projects, a new year is the biggest. It’s oh so shiny and clean. And full of possibility- which is possibly (get it?) my favourite word in life.

It’s why, even though I declare with full knowledge that New Years resolutions are so yesterday, that I set (let’s call them) intentions at the start of every year.

Some are little and maybe not as well thought out as others. Like when I declared on Monday morning at work- incidentally, my first day in the office in 7 weeks- that this year I would:

  • Only accept and consider one new problem an hour
  • Try not to be a bitch
  • Try not to swear so much
  • Definitely be dropping back to 4 days most weeks

Yeah, these were never going to last past lunchtime.

I’ve already shared my writing goals, here’s the other stuff I expect am looking forward to in 2016.


My doctor has suggested that for the sake of my blood pressure I reduce my waist measurement. For my height it should be around 80cm, but it’s (much much) more. The “hows” of this are doing my head in, so I’m concentrating on the whys that matter to me:

  • I’m (gulp) 50 next year, so it’s probably time to be a tad mature and responsible about this.
  • I’m (gulp) 50 next year and don’t want to be fat and fifty.
  • I quite enjoyed wearing the bikini I accidentally bought in Thailand, but would prefer it without the veranda
  • I have chronic back pain. It’s structural in nature, but exacerbated by having to support the weight of the world and a larger tummy. I’d prefer to spend my time and money other than with my chiro- who, I must point out, I adore. Things to do, places to see.
  • I have plans to finish the painting in the family room, and redo the lounge/dining and hall- and abovementioned chronic back pain gets in the way.
  • I have plans to renovate my back garden- and abovementioned chronic back pain gets in the way.
  • I have plans to walk the Milford Track- and abovementioned chronic back pain gets in the way.


Last year was amazing for travel.

In 2016 there’ll be:

  • Bali in May or June with the hubster
  • Adelaide in August for the RWA Conference
  • Melbourne sometime with Miss 18
  • Milford Track in November- back and waist dependent


I’m stream-lining:

  • Monday: Something about food, or cooking, or cookbooks
  • Wednesday: Something about writing
  • Friday: The Five
  • The Weekend: Something about travel


I’m stream-lining here too. Aside from the back dependent painting, there are a few minimising projects. If you’re in a corner or a shelf or a cupboard and are not useful or beautiful, be afraid!

The Word

This one. It’s a word that normally makes me cringe, but it’s appropriate for the outcome of my goals this year:







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  1. I know what you mean about awesome. I hate it when used… ‘It was an awesome movie.” Or, “That was an awesome book.” However… I have no problem with it as a standalone which I think started with a post I read years ago about a little girl who told her mother she planned to wake up and be awesome.

    Awesome is a great work in that sense and so awesomely positive! 😉

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