2016: The Writing Goals…

Inspirational quote on picture frame over a dirty brick wall. STOP WISHING. START DOING.

2015 was a big year for me- huge, in fact…both personally and from a writing viewpoint:

  • I published two books: Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • Between this blog and my astro blog I published 356 posts. Coincidental and unplanned, but true.
  • I wrote the first 50,000 words of a new novel in November and in the process “won” Nanowrimo
  • I contributed to a series of astro diaries
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry was included in Styling You’s list of summer reads.

If we include rewrites and edits, I dread to think how many hundreds of thousands of words I wrote in 2015- all as well as holding down a stressful full-time corporate gig, a home, and a 17 year old doing the HSC. It was a big year.

Along the way I’ve learnt heaps about the self-publishing business- and have still more to learn. I’ll tell you about those lessons another time.

Anyways, I’m keen I have to to continue the momentum- this, the writing, is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. That means that if I have to continue to do the juggling thing in order to afford to live and pay the mortgage and other essentials like location scouting trips (ahem) until I have enough of a back catalogue or enough of a following to make a living, then that’s what I‘ll do*.

Which leads me ever so neatly into my writing goals for this year:

  • Publish another two chick lit novels. I’m thinking June and December.
  • Publish the first two astro workbooks in the Tuesday Toolbox series.
  • Release Baby, It’s You on ibooks
  • Release Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry to print on demand.

What else?

I’m thinking seriously of re-jigging the cover of Baby, It’s You. Not because I’m not happy with it, but because I just love the cover on Big Girls, and an ibooks and print release seems like the perfect opportunity to align the two covers.

So, that’s my year taken care of- what are your writing goals for 2016? Go on, let’s get them out there- so loudly that the Universe has to take notice!

*It doesn’t follow that I won’t whinge or dramatically declare just how totally stressed I am from time to time.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is available now on Amazon and ibooks. Click here and you’ll be directed to your local Amazon store, or here to purchase from iTunes.

Baby, It’s You is available now on Amazon. Click here and you’ll be directed to your local Amazon store.

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