2015: The Closing Ceremony

Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

So anyways, December 31…that means there’s a shiny new year just around the corner. Tomorrow, in fact.

I happen to love anything new. It’s the potential that makes it so so so tempting to forget the old and chase the new. Because I’m a much better starter than I am a finisher, before I start this new year, I need to do a bit of a closing ceremony on the old. Bear with me, this could get wordy…

2015 was difficult in many respects. It might not have appeared so from my posts, but there were things happening behind the scenes that made this year possibly, no probably, the most stressful one in recent memory. Unfortunately, some of that will be joining us as the new year starts.

Despite that, there was so much to like about 2015- my jar is full of little pieces of paper with great things written on them. It’s those that I’m choosing to dwell on- trust me, you’d be bored with the other dramas…

2015 Resolutions

Operation Excess Baggage

I didn’t set any actual weight loss targets in 2015, but my goal was to lighten up and cut down on bread and wine. I’ll be starting 2016 a whole, wait for it, 3kgs lighter than I started 2015. Round of applause as I take a bow. I suspect that without the walking in London, it could have been 3kgs heavier!

From a health viewpoint, according to my blood tests, apparently on the inside I’m healthier than I have been in over 10 years, although my blood pressure is up and my back is out. My doctor is slightly concerned about the former and knows nothing about the latter. Either way, she has suggested I lose at least 15kgs. Heavy sighs. Preferably 20kgs. Heavier sighs.

On the upside, obviously that result is a reflection of how much I enjoyed life in 2015.

Financial Goals

I worked and saved bloody hard in 2015. The 3 month corporate contract I undertook in March 2014, is still ongoing, so I’ve been juggling a full-time job with blogging and getting two books to publication. In the early part of the year I also took on a heavy freelance load and contributed to these astro diaries. (If you never want to miss a daily forecast for your star sign, there’s still time to grab yourself one). It all paid off when we were able to do the trip of a lifetime with Miss 17 in November/December. I’m placing a great big tick beside financial goals.

Writing Goals

A great big tick here too, with both Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry published. Number 3 is well underway. Yay me!

Big Girls Don't Cry

Bucket List Ticks…

In 2015:

  • I self-published two books that I’m very proud of.
  • I sort of lived in another country for a month. Does it count that we were driving around?
  • I wore a bikini on a tropical island. Sadly it wasn’t by choice, and I hadn’t lost the required 20kgs to do it. Plus, I’m sure there were plenty of saggy bits around it and over it, but it was a bikini and a tropical island, so it sort of counts…right?
  • Oh, and I walked some of the coastal track in Cornwall…not much, but some.

The Highlights…

In no particular order:

  • Bali in May with Mr T


  • Watching Miss T graduate from High School in September



  • The June long weekend with Miss T in Melbourne
Uncle, St Kilda
Uncle, St Kilda
  • Catching up with my Kiwi pal in Sydney in July
Dessert at Aria
Dessert at Aria

The Best Ofs…

Best show:

A tie between Rocky Horror in April and Mamma Mia. Rocky because it was fabulous, and Mamma Mia because it was fabulous and in London.


Best meal:

Coconut sorbet at Sardine
Coconut sorbet at Sardine

Sardine in Seminyak was the best lunch, with Hujan Locale in Ubud the best dinner.


Honorable mention goes to Aria in Sydney.


Yes, I’m ranking the two Balinese offerings ahead of Aria. Why? At Aria the food was faultless, but the total experience at Sardine and Hujan just nudged them ahead.


Oh, I can’t forget Mr T’s birthday lunch at Ormeggio at the Spit. Amazing food, fabulous views.


Best Foodie Experience


Another tie between two Balinese experiences: Bali Food Safari, and Gianyar Night Markets. One very civilised, and one very real.


Best beach:

Kamala, of course


Proudest moment:

Watching my baby dressed up for her year 12 formal


Most moving moment:

The ANZAC ceremony at our local oval at sunrise


Best Hidden Place:

Cottage Point Kiosk. Why haven’t I gone back yet?

Looking out over Smiths Creek
Looking out over Smiths Creek

Best Makeover


Miss T’s bedroom. I also painted the kitchen, hall, TV room and half the family room before my back gave out.



Thanks to all of you who’ve followed me, and read my often chaotic rambling words over this past year. There were over 22,000 of you that visited here, and 335,000 popped into the astro site. That’s seriously humbling.

What did you come here to look at?

Mostly old stuff- it appears that you like posts about salads and walking…and Bali and chocolate. My top viewed posts:



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  1. Oh, what a wonderful year but I hope seeing it all there in print (or pixels) is a reminder that it’s all YOUR doing – YOUR achievements, so congratulations! xx

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