Friday Five…


So anyways, it’s a long weekend here this weekend. I’ve made it an extra long one by taking today off work. I’m catch up on some writing tasks, some maintenance tasks (goodbye grey hair…), and some long overdue astro related stuff. Tonight I’m off for a few relaxing bevies with my work peeps, and Sunday, it’s lunch with a friend.

I should be painting this weekend, but my back is still not strong enough for that. I should be gardening, but that is also off limits for now…and with just 6 weeks before I hop on that plane for London, I’m not risking it!

Six weeks. We’re counting them down.

I tend not to be too much of a planner, and I definitely don’t have the attention span to be a plotter, but for this trip, all my project and change management skills have been used:

  • We have the budget spreadsheet- what’s been paid, what’s yet to be paid, and when it’s due to be paid…converted into pounds and baht (for the Phuket end of the trip)
  • We have the itinerary- where we’re staying day by day…contact and address details; whether breakfast is included; whether there’s a laundry available; mileage from our previous accommodation.
  • We have the powerpoint- complete with images of the accommodation

Sad, I know…as I said, I’m excited…we’re excited.

As for what we’ll be doing in each of these places? We’ll be leaving that up to chance, the weather, and fancy.

Speaking of weather, with Sydney expecting a couple of 30C days this weekend, it’s a little difficult to be planning a winter wardrobe for Britain. As I sit outside in the sun writing this, I can’t imagine what it will be like in the Scottish Highlands in mid November…

Daylight Savings starts this weekend, so I’ve been making the most of the early morning sun. I’m generally out and walking just after 5.30 most weekday mornings. I listen to the dawn chorus, watch the sun come up, and smell the headiness of the Spring nectar.


On my walk this morning, I noticed that the blossoms are nearly done. The lorikeets have almost finished squabbling over the bottlebrush,


and are starting to move onto the later blooming natives… the honeysuckles


and those lovely drifting white blossoms- the ones that look like white jacarandas.


The sun is peeking hopefully above the horizon as I walk out my front door, and is high in the sky by the time I return.


Next week, 5.30am will be dark again.

So, in honour of the rapidly disappearing Spring, todays Friday Five is five photos of blossoms- ok, there’s six (I can’t count…), and one sunrise. All taken this week on my walks.

You’re welcome.


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  1. I’d be the same in terms of holiday planning. (Good thing I haven’t had one for a decade or so!)

    My bro & SIL are very much the same when they go on hols. Both sets of parents (and moi) get itineraries complete with details of what’s prepaid, booking numbers, instructions and inclusions etc (as they use the same sheets themselves). Not sure there’s a powerpoint though! 🙂

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