So anyways, I’ve written bits and pieces about rice and rice fields in Bali before. If you’re interested, check out this post.

There are the tiny paddies squeezed in between villas and resorts, the terraces that ribbon through the hills around Ubud, the fields that flow down to the ocean on the south coast…the rice is everywhere.

There are rice fields and then there are rice fields. These ones at Jatiluwih are the latter. These ones are considered so culturally important that they’ve been nominated for UNESCO status.


Jatiluwih, loosely translated as truly (or really) beautiful (or marvellous), is located in the Central Mountains north of Tabanan and in the sights of Gunung Batukau- Bali’s second highest mountain.


These terraces take the beauty of the ones around Ubud and raise them. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.


Getting there…


You really need your own transport, so the best bet is to hire a driver. Up near the temple, we passed some tourists on motorbikes who were struggling with the corrugation in that part of the road, so unless you’re used to it, and staying nearby, bikes are probably not your best option.

From Legian, with the usual amount of traffic, allow at least 90mins- 2 hrs each way. The road into Jatiluwih is windy, seriously beautiful and you’ll be wanting to stop and take photos, or maybe take a stroll through the fields.


Eating there…


You’ll be making a day of this one. There are little cafes dotted around, but most drivers will take you to a place called Billy’s Terrace.


They do one of those buffets that the tourist places in Kintamani do too- over-priced, and nothing worth writing home about…


The views, though…the views are magnificent.


Don’t forget…

You’ll also need some small notes- 5000 for parking, 20,000 per person to enter the area.


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  1. Just stunning Jo. They can really be something to behold can’t they?! I visited a number of rice paddies in East Timor (for work, World Vision projects etc, back in the day) but mostly remember seeing them in Vietnam when I was travelling – so beautiful!

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