Friday Five…The Graduation…


So anyways, if you follow me on instagram, you would have known that my daughter graduated from High School today and has her formal dinner-dance tonight. You couldn’t miss it- I’ve bombarded instagram with photos.

As expected, I’ve shed a few tears- ok, more than a few- but I think they’re happy tears and proud tears. It was lovely to see the teachers at this mornings valedictory service affected in the same way. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been as happy as we’ve been with the school we chose for her.

It’s been an action packed day.

The breakfast and valedictory service…


We started at 8am with breakfast for the parents and students. This was followed by the valedictory service where they got their portfolios etc. I was doing ok until the Blackbird song…and then was ok until the kindy classes came out…and then the music they played when they introduced the graduating class again… (What a Feeling, Don’t You Forget About Me).

The Photo session…


I took heaps- but as many of them featured groups of kids and friends, they won’t be getting popped up here.

I love this one of my husband and daughter…and the selfie of the three of us.



Photos and school done, it was a quick run out to the hairdressers…and more bobby pins than I’ve seen go into one scalp since…well, since never!



Fifteen minutes for lunch, and then into make-up. Not a bad finished product!


Leaving for formal…


A group of them left together from a friend’s house. They had a stretch white limo and a motorcycle guard to take them to the venue.




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  1. Oh what a magical time – the graduation and the formal. Love the selfie of al three of you – not sure I’d seen one of you all before! And Miss S looks lovely in her dress, hair and makeup.

    PS. I would have completely lost it too. Don’t You Forget About Me almost always makes me cry anyway!

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