Friday Five…


So anyways, it’s Friday again.

I’ve been spending every non-partition hour available working on the structural edit for Big Girls Don’t Cry, so haven’t been around here much. It’s all on track to have into my editor for copy editing in the next couple of weeks.

I’m yet to email my cover designer- the lovely Jacinda May- to get her to start work. I have some ideas as to how I’d like this to look, but because I’m going to offer print as well as ebook with this one, I want to sketch some bits and pieces out for myself first.

There’s still a lot to do, but I’m aiming for a launch a few weeks before Christmas.

In other news…

I bet that you didn’t know…

That there was an international conference of the world’s leading vexillologists (try saying that three times in a row after a few vinos) in Sydney last week. What’s a vexillologist? I thought you’d never ask… it’s a flag expert. Yep, something else to add to my collection of dream jobs.

What made my tummy churn…

Waiting in the RTA (or whatever it is that it’s called these days) for Miss 17 to do her driving test. Yes, she passed…and yes, I could have washed my car for the occasion.


What I’m reading…

Disclaimer, by Renee Knight.

It’s a little Gone Girl-ish in style, but at the same time, not at all. Most importantly, it’s nothing like chick lit- I find when I’m writing or, especially, editing, I can’t read in my own genre. It’s about making sure it’s only my voice that’s coming through.

This is way outside my genre.

What’s it about? Catherine starts reading a book that’s lying on the bedside table of her new home. A few chapters in, she realises the story is her- and the secret that she thought she’d kept for 20 years…


What I’m loving…

The banksia and blossoms that are out at the moment. Just gorgeous.


What I’m proud of…

My step count. My back is still not great, but the exercise is helping loads- and I’m loving my sunrises…if you follow my instagram, you’d be well and truly sick of them by now!

How was your week?

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  1. Ah yes, I’ve read Disclaimer and I even remembered what it’s about. (That often doesn’t happen as I read so much!)

    Glad the driving test went well and note you’re out and about this weekend looking at Unis and colleges etc… Exciting (and scary) times!

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