Friday Five…on Sunday…


So anyways, this weeks Friday Five didn’t happen.

It was end of month/ start of month, so numbers pretty well dominated the week. I knew that it had been a difficult one when, with eyes glazing over, I noticed one set of daily numbers averaged out to 857.857. Yes. Really. I even took a photo of it to prove it. Then I told anyone within earshot. Then I decided that it was time that I left for the day. But seriously- 857.857…how random is that? How sad is it that I got so excited. No- I don’t need a response.

What else? I’m heavily into edit mode for Big Girls Don’t Cry, with a self-imposed deadline to have it all done by the last week of September. I’m well on track, but have been helping it along with some valuable procrasti-playlist making. I’ll share that with you later.

Ok, aside from that, I posted a little something about the necessity for a working and efficient back-up plan for your work in progress, and posted a link-up on the weekly confessional regarding Spring…and triffids.

Over on the astro site, the latest in my teach yourself series went up, as did the September horoscopes. Duck on over if you’re interested.

What I’m appreciating…


The sunrises.

I leave home at around 5.50am each morning for my walk, and the changing colours at the moment are glorious. Seeing nature wake up (there’s often even rabbits hopping around down in the park) has the effect of grounding me- taking me out of my head, and out of the anxiety that I often wake with on work days- and setting me up for a better day.

I post a photo to instagram most mornings- it keeps me honest.

What I’m noticing…



Those first colours of Spring. Sydney’s Spring is so incredibly fleeting, that we take our pleasures while we can. To miss it, is to miss it. We have no blossom trees in our yard, so I live vicariously through the flowering plums and wisteria of others in the neighbourhood.


What I’m admiring…


Next door’s tree. It lights up like a beacon at sunset, and can be seen from all around. It, and the camphor laurel in our yard have been listed by the Council because they tower so high above everything else.

What’s happening too quickly…


Miss 17 has just a couple of weeks of school left. We’re in the process now of selecting university courses and preferences. I have no idea which way she’ll end up going, but yesterday we dropped in at the North Sydney campus of Australian Catholic University (ACU)- she’s interested in their exercise science and occupational therapy courses. She was also talking about similar courses at Charles Sturt Uni in Albury. With Albury so far away, I’m not quite sure that I’m prepared for that particular possibility!

What I’m grateful for…

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia, and I’m eternally grateful for my husband, and the active, involved father that he is to our daughter- although I have reminded him at length today, that he should be giving thanks to me for allowing him to be a Dad. I’m also grateful to my father- for his continued love and support for all of us.

How was your week?



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  1. I saw you’d been looking at Uni courses. How come they finish Y12 so early? (Or I guess with hols then exams, it’ll soon be November anyway!)

    I envy you your early morning wakeups. I know there’s nothing stopping me getting up early…. well, other than me and my hatred of mornings! 🙂

    1. Yeah, yr12 starts in term 4 the year before & graduation is last day of term 3. The Hsc starts in October & runs for 4 wks….

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