Ok, I used a lo-fi filter on this...
Ok, I used a lo-fi filter on this…

So anyways, most of the time we wander around either focused on where we’re going, or looking down at the ground ahead of us. If you’re as clumsy as I am, that’s a pretty good plan. But it also means that you miss the stuff that’s up there or out there- rather than down here.

Like building reflections- who doesn’t like a good reflection?


or signs- like these ones in Little Bourke St, near Tattersalls Lane.


Or the detail in this ceiling. It’s in the vestibule at 333 Collins St- although I came in via Flinders Lane. It’s the same pic as the main pic, but in that (for instagram) I cheated and popped a lo-fi filter over it. The raw image is below.


This building was constructed back in the 1890s and was the premises for the Commercial Bank of Australia. Before they merged (in the 1980s) with the Bank of NSW to form Westpac, they used to be known as the Bunyips- because of the money boxes. A little bit of useless trivia to file away. Whatever, I love the precision of the architecture.


If you were looking down, you’d also miss the pattern the light makes as it goes into the distance in the shot below. It’s of the GPO Building in Bourke Street.


More practically speaking, check out these guys- they are plugged into the back of the vending machine charging their phones. A nothing photo, but it intrigued me. This one was taken on Platform 13 on Flinders St Station.


What else? I found Section 8 (the bar I was telling you about the other day) because I was following this piece of street art.


Early morning and late afternoon provide shadows and colour that isn’t available during the middle of the day when the sun is overhead. Like on this building…


and in this photo of the Windsor Hotel I posted the other day. The early morning sun turned the Windsor a soft golden colour. Hashtag no filter.


I also love what the sun glare does to this pic of the top of Bourke St. I saw it out of the side of my eye as I was ducking across at Exhibition St. I don’t recommend standing in the middle of Bourke St, though.


And at sunrise a few days earlier, looking down Swanston St towards Flinders. Again, no need for filters- the sky does all the heavy lifting. This colour was gone just a few seconds later.

Early morning on Swanston Street #nofilter

Finally, neon signs. I caught this one while I was sitting outside Grossi Florentini indulging in two of my favourite hobbies: good pasta and Italian waiter spotting. It was after the cocktail party- I’d had plenty of wine, but very little on my tummy. I took a mouthful, looked up, and saw this.




4 Comments on “Look up…

  1. I’m seriously not a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kinda gal. As you know I live opposite the beach and sometimes the view is amazing… and yet I so rarely take the time to gaze out. I tell myself I will be tend not to and I don’t know why. I guess only I can change that by making a concerted effort!

  2. Great pics. Lovely to see Melbourne again, one of my favourite cities. Thank you!

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