Friday Five…Another Melbourne Five…

Early morning on Swanston Street #nofilter
Early morning on Swanston Street #nofilter

So anyways, I was in Melbourne last weekend.

Sure, I was there for the Romance Australia Conference, but I did, of course, manage to find some time for wandering- and discovered a few new to me places.

  1. Breakfast Places

I used to hate breakfast. Sure, I eat it- it’s one of those things that you do every day, but enjoy it? Nope. Until I started actively looking for interesting brekky spots…and Melbourne has plenty of them. Here’s where I ate this weekend.

The Grain Store


I’ve been following these guys on instagram for a while. Located way down the Spencer St end of Flinders Lane, the blurb says:

“Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD, The Grain Store is a throwback to the days when many buildings in the area were used as holding stores for shipments – oftentimes, grain – coming off the Yarra River.”

I heard the girl at the table beside me cut into her egg, sigh loudly and declare, ‘this is the best poached egg I’ve ever had.’

Now, I’m not into rating my poached eggs- they’re either perfect, over or snotty…but these were pretty darned perfect.


I also like a menu that’s just ingredients…the ingredients in my brekky were: smashed greens, avocado, polenta, poached eggs, charred corn salsa, smoked chilli ricotta. The orange bits in the photo was something seriously cool done with carrot.

The best brekky of the trip. Easily.

Glovers Station


Another one I’ve been following on instagram, this place is in an old service station in either Glen Eira, Elsternwick or North Caulfield. I neither know, nor care about the difference. I caught the train to Rippon Lea and walked the 10 minutes or so up Glen Eira Rd. To go back to the city, I walked back the 10 minutes or so to Elsternwick Station.


Anyways, the brekky. A bennie with ham hock, lemony hollandaise and crisp slivers of apple.


And my favourite part? The kitchen garden out the back.


Cumulus Inc


Yes, I’ve eaten here before. This time around I had the Turkish style baked eggs. Shakshouka, they call it. Baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish. The white stuff on the top in the photo is the shanklish- a middle eastern feta style cheese.

Get there early…or be prepared to queue.

  1. Cocktails

I know, another post with cocktails in it…but hey, I was on holidays…and, naturally, researching my next book…

Mamas Buoi


First up, straight after checking in, was a whisky cocktail at this gem of a Vietnamese restaurant in the alley beside the GPO.

The cocktail? A mefloquine (don’t try and say that too fast)- whisky shaken with honey, apple and lemon juice.


Coccoon Bar

At the Swanston Hotel.

When I ordered a classic martini, the bartender looked at me funny. Then he grinned. Widely. ‘No one ever asks for a martini anymore,’ he said. ‘How do you like yours?’

‘Gin, shaken, the vermouth wafted across the top and olives.’

It was good.


Chin Chin

I’ve told you about Chin Chin before. I may have even told you about this cocktail- it has a chilli on it. It has chilli infused vodka in it. It’s perfect.


Campari Spritz Bar


What better way to wind up a day of romance writing than with a negroni?


This little pop-up style bar is behind Brunetti’s in Swanston St- just in front of the Westin Hotel.

It’s cute, it’s red, it has a vespa out the front.


  1. The Bar


Those in the know know about Section 8.

Tucked up in Tattersalls Lane off Little Bourke Street, this place is grungey, edgey, and cash only.


It sells beer, liquor and wine…with dude food like sliders and bad boy fries.

It’s the sort of place to drink with a bad boy- one of which I didn’t have on me. Pity.


  1. Street Art

Of course there was street art. Of course I took lots of photos. Of course there’ll be a specific photo post on it over the weekend.

This one is just to whet your appetite. I found it up behind Section 8 and Ferdy Duke’s in Tattersalls Lane.


  1. The Windsor Hotel

Ok, nothing new, but just how great is the colour in this early morning photo?


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  1. I love brekky out in fact it’s almost my favourite meal to have out… unless someone else organises and drives to dinner! 😉

    The GF thing is sometimes a bit of a problem for me but I love eggs bennie (with bacon or ham, not salmon!).

    You find THE best places to go!!!

    1. I never used to like going out for brekky- & really don’t like those brekky buffets in hotels, but just lately I’ve fallen a little in love with the concept & love finding new places.

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