Friday Five…Sunrises


So anyways, of late the world and their dog seem to be posting morning routine pieces. They’re usually a mix of alarms, writing, strenuous exercise, domestic duties, extreme productivity.

My morning routine is boring.

  • The alarm goes off at 5:50am
  • I’m out the door for a walk at 5:55am
  • Back home by 6:50am
  • 6:50- 7:10 Shower, dress, face…10 minutes of this is spent finding tights without holes in the toes, and struggling into them.
  • 7:10-7.20 Breakfast- made by amazing husband. Don’t look at me like that- it’s in return for me ironing his business shirts…
  • 7:20-8:30 Drive to work

As I said, boring. We’ve been doing this whole get ready for school and work thing for so long that we’re a finely-tuned, drama-free, machine.

Instead, let’s talk about sunrises. I’m on a mission at the moment to get walk ready for all the walking we’ll be doing in Britain. In the process, I’m recording sunrises.


As I walk out the front door, it’s mostly dark, with a glimmer on the Eastern horizon.


By the time I’m about 20mins into my walk, there’s colour in the sky. I take my daily instagram shot from this point each morning.


Next, the Western sky takes on a pinky hue.


Finally, there’s the glory of the sunrise itself.

There’s something so optimistic about a sunrise. No matter what sort of crap your day descends into, for that brief moment, there was beauty and hope, and light.

Just lately I’ve been walking without earphones- and I’m noticing so much more…the smell of the gum trees, the faint sweetness of the new banksia, the noises of each of the different birds.

Listening to the birds wake up is a special sort of sweetness. First there’s the wattle birds and the mynahs, with the occasional kookaburra and the warble of the magpies. Then, clustered around the banksias outside the school are flocks of noisy lorikeets. Finally, the cockatoos descend in a noisy ‘we’re here and we’re awake,’ squadron.

Enough of that…the week.

What I’m looking forward to….

Marvellous Melbourne. I’m here now for the Romance Writer’s Conference. I have most of today free to wander- so wander is precisely what I’ll be doing. I arrived in time for a late dinner last night, so stopped by Mama’s Buoi (main pic) in Postal Lane for Vietnamese- pho gai…of course.


What I forgot…

How noisy this hotel can be if you’re facing Swanston St- which of course, I am. There should be a list of songs that buskers are not allowed to sing, and George Michael’s Careless Whisper should be on the top of that list. Just saying.

What I’m watching…

Utopia. I’m so glad it’s back. On the ABC. If you missed it, catch up on iview. I’ve worked in that office- I’m sure I have.

What I’m reading…

After reading Debbish’s review the other week, I picked up a copy of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Maybe In Another Life. It’s very much along the lines of that great movie from years ago- Sliding Doors. The switches are done neatly, cleanly and smoothly. I haven’t finished it yet, but thanks to that commuter flight having no seat back entertainment, devoured it.

What I still haven’t decided…

What I’m wearing to the cocktail party tonight. Given that this conference is a perfume free event (yes, really), I’m guessing a nudie run would be out of the question- and would put others off their bubbles. I’ve brought with me a couple of possibilities that will do…I just need to decide which.

How was your week?

Author: Jo

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