Something about writer’s block…

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So anyways, I usually have my head in a number of different writing spaces:

  • There’s the multiple head-spaces I use every day in the partition as I go from chaos to spreadsheet to meetings to policy to…what’s next…usually without a pause.
  • There’s the editing head-space as I worked through the manuscript that I was getting ready to send my editor. One more pass through…maybe another.
  • There’s the creative head-space as I get inside the characters who occupy the piece I’m currently writing.
  • There’s the astro head-space as I keep the posts coming for the astro blog and do bits and pieces on the astro book I’d like to have finished sometime soon- Your Best Job Ever.
  • There’s the head-space I use for this blog- the rambling, whatever that comes pouring out.

Normally I can manage each of these. All the characters- past, present and future- jostle happily within my head, waiting for their turn to emerge. Right now, that’s all they’re doing- jostling and chattering. No one seems to want to come out and tell their story- except the next characters. They want to come out- but it’s not yet their turn.

I suspect it’s partly because there’s nothing more that I can do with Big Girls Don’t Cry. It’s where it is until the structural edits come back.

I suspect it’s partly because I’ve reached the soggy middle of I Want You Back. I have the beginning written- and the ending. Somehow I need to join the dots in the middle.

Normally when I’m in this position I do the following:

  • write something in here
  • write a scene, any scene
  • read something completely different
  • edit something
  • watch great writing
  • go for a walk

Given that I’m leaving home for work and returning in the dark at present- and working through lunch- the walk is out of the question- at least until the weekend. Nor do I have anything to edit at the moment.

So, for now, I’m watching…The West Wing. Again. Until my words come back…I don’t think they’re too far away…

What do you do when writer’s block comes to visit?


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  1. I usually switch to writing something else… however… I’m kinda wallowing on the writing (and doing anything) front myself. I haven’t done anything about the novel I started. I planned to enter two different Hachette comps but didn’t do either. And I’m struggling to pursue any freelancing stuff.

    I’m blaming my new admin gig which (unexpectedly) involves hours of transcribing at home. I’m hating it so much I don’t want to be near my desk!

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