Friday Five…on a Saturday


So anyways, I toddled off to get my long overdue blood tests results the other day.

I felt work early and up I went…and waited…for well over an hour past my scheduled appointment time.

At first I got impatient. Listening to everyone coughing and spluttering in the surgery, I figured it would be just my luck- after having avoided the lurgy from everyone coughing and spluttering in my office- to catch it from the doctor’s.

At the half hour mark I checked with reception to make sure I hadn’t missed my appointment.

‘You’re next,’ she said. ‘This patient has gone over time.’

I went back to my seat, caught up on some overdue blog writing, and worried about whoever that poor person who was in there now- and had been for all that time.

I said that to the doctor when she finally came to get me- visibly flustered and expecting something narky to come out of my mouth.

‘I’m so sorry to keep you waiting,’ she said.

‘I’m sorry for whoever you had in before me.’

She smiled and thanked me for that attitude.

The thing is, I meant it. My idea of a bad day could be the numbers being crappy or the traffic being bad or waiting in a doctor’s surgery for an hour, but I suspect her bad days involve news that makes a profound difference to people’s lives.

As for my results? Everything is fine. My “good” cholesterol is up (in a positive way) and keeping the total number in check; my blood sugars are better than last time (courtesy of PCOS I’d been on the insulin resistance train for years…now it appears that I’d gotten off it); my hormonal balance is the best it’s been in years; and even my liver is ok…yes, really.

I think she was as surprised as I was.

‘Whatever you’re doing with your diet is working at keeping you healthy on the inside,’ she said. ‘You still need to lose 20kgs to help control your blood pressure- but the low GI, low sugar thing seems to be working for you. I’d be looking at portions, training and cutting back on the wine to lose the weight.’ Cooking the Books…the diet.

I felt like I’d passed some sort of exam.

As for the rest of the week?

Taking photos of food….

I had my friend over from Wellington last weekend. It was so great to catch up with her. So great.

We ate heaps, we chatted more. I took lots of photos of food- some of which I didn’t eat.

There was the pumpkin and ricotta lasagne at Wild Pear in Dural (that I did eat)


the banoffee smash and


brownie that I didn’t…


There was the totally scrummy pressed lamb shoulder at The Incinerator in Willoughby (post to come) that I was as happy to munch on as I was to photograph,


and the pretty as a picture raspberry dusted lemon meringues that I was happy to watch others eat.


Taking photos of murals…

Detail from the whale below
Detail from the whale below

No, it mightn’t be street art, but the murals along the beach at Bondi are always worth a look.


There’s something about a beach in the winter. Sure, it’s cold, but somehow it’s also invigorating.


Unfortunately, on Sunday, we forgot about the football and had timed our departure from Bondi to coincide with it football finishing. What followed was a knuckle-biting wait in Sydney traffic to travel the 12kms or so to the airport. We made it…just.

Coming back down to earth…

After lunch at Aria last Friday, we had dinner at the local club in Galston. I might have been heard to say something like, ‘man…why do they have to put the schnitty on top of the chips- it makes them soggy!’ From calamari tagliatelle to chicken schnitzel and soggy chips…with gravy. That’s what I call balance.

What I’m loving…


This Urban Decay Naked2 eyeshadow palette from Mecca. It’s perfect. That’s all.

What I’m in the process of…

Purging. First up are my astrology books. I have shelves of them and only tend to open about three….so I’m giving the rest away via the astro website. Next up will be the shelves and shelves of fiction books. I have no idea how I’m going to go about giving those away. More challenging will be the cookbooks. I think I’ll need to be ruthless there.

I also need to attack old craft supplies and china. Watch this space.


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  1. Hey Jo…would love to inherit some of your cookbooks when it happens! And that lasagne at Wild Pear looks promising.

  2. I actually like soggy chips – don’t like them too crispy!

    Great news on the blood tests and I know what you mean about the doctor’s. I used to get impatient and my doctor always apologises but she never ever hurries me and I had a huge sooky meltdown last time I saw her and she just listened… which I guess she does with everyone.

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