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So anyways, I don’t talk much about my partition job- other than to mention those weeks that have been more stressful than others. I don’t even have many details about it on my linked in profile.

There’s no ulterior motive in that. It is what it is…i like to keep the various parts of my life separate…besides, I don’t do titles so much.

When I travel overseas, I no longer list Manager or Project Manager in my customs declaration, I list writer. Even though it’s not the part of my working week that pays the bills…yet…it’s what I consider that I do.

Where’s all this going?

Towards the confessional booth…and my fantasy job title.

I’ve long held a firm belief that I’d be not just good, but exceptionally good, at choosing the music that goes on The Block. I can sit in front of The Block and say things like, ‘why would they use that Goldfrapp song there?’ or ‘Oh yes, Blister in the Sun is a perfect choice.’I want that guy’s job…just saying.

Then there was the time I wanted to be the Dudette who got to name cyclones. It was summer and there’d been another cyclone up north- this one was called Olwyn. Cyclones meant changes to some day to day procedures- and there’d been lots of cyclones this season.

‘You know the job I’d like? I want to be the dude who gets to name the cyclones.’ My colleague gave me the look he gives me when the chaos pushes me into manic territory. ‘Olwyn. This is a much better name than Pam or Marcia Marcia Marcia.’

When another colleague came into the pod, I attempted to involve her in the debate.

‘I don’t think one person gets to do it,’ she attempted to humour me.

‘I told her that,’ said Colleague No 1.

Another thought occurred to me, ‘maybe, it’s like some reward and recognition scheme in at the Bureau of Meteorology. Hit your targets and you get to name the next cyclone.’

I imagined the weekly buzz sessions with someone standing up the front announcing stuff like, ‘a round of applause for Olwyn who successfully predicted last weeks antarctic vortex. Well done! The next cyclone is yours!’

The crowd goes wild.

Naturally, I did some research and, I have to say, was a little disappointed that the process is seriously structured and complicated. I preferred my theory where someone was sitting around and yells something like ‘hey, I’ve got one in the Pacific off the coast of Oz…whose turn is it to name this one?’

‘Buddy, are you sure this one falls in our jurisdiction? I reckon it’s still 10m outside our boundary line….let’s get the Compliance guys involved- we don’t want a turf war…’

Then on a podcast during the afternoon commute last week, I heard about Dr Laura Kotanski- an international expert in place-naming. She’s advised governments around the world in how they should name everything from suburbs to streets to buildings and bridges and natural landmarks.

How cool, I mean seriously, how cool would that job be? Aside from the fact that she has about a million degrees, I could do that.

But my all time fantasy job title? The one that I’m working towards? Author and Traveller.

To an extent I guess I sort of do it now…but one day (sigh), one day…it will pay the bills.

Go on, fess up…what’s your fantasy job title?

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  1. Other than a writer or author…

    1. Lover; 2. mother.

    And I know they’re not ‘jobs’. I nearly said ‘wife’ for the first one but you know what I mean….

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